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Last updated: 23 Feb 2011

The used equipment market in China is huge, however, under current Chinese regulations the procedure for buying used equipment from outside of China is complex.

Used Equipment Market in China The used equipment market in China is huge, however, South China under current Chinese regulations the procedure for buying used equipment from outside of China is complex. Snapshot: The General Administration of Quality Supervision, Used Equipment Inspection and Quarantine of the People?s Republic of China (AQSIQ) is the responsible Chinese government agency that handles the importation of used equipment as well as the General Administration of Customs and the For More Information Contact: Ministry of Commerce (MOFCOM). The Chinese government has issued 19 documents that Sophie Xiao & Andrew Gately provide guidance on how to go through importation procedures. All documents can be found at the Guangdong U.S. Commercial Service Entry-Exit Inspection & Quarantine Bureau (GDCIQ) webpage: Click here to access the site; (All documents are American Consulate General Guangzhou in Chinese) Email: 3 Step Procedure for Importing Used Equipment Import license Phone: (86-20) 8667-4011 ext. 619 Import certificates (if required) are issued by the Fax: (86?20) 8666?6409 MOFCOM or its provincial office before the importation of second-hand mechanical and electrical equipment. It is the consignee of the equipment or their agent that must obtain the required certificates before importation. CCIC North America will conduct a pre-shipment check at the request of AQSIQ after a ?buying order? has been Record filing placed with AQSIQ. The time required for a pre-shipment At least 90 days before the arrival of goods, the consignee check varies on a case-to-case basis. The pre-shipment must file records with AQSIQ or the local administration of check is charged at a standard fee rate based on the used the inspection branch directly under AQSIQ. equipment?s value. Pre-shipment inspection Arrival Inspection Since 2007, all imported used equipment is subject to a pre- All imported used equipment is subject to an arrival check shipment check regardless of the dollar value. The pre- at port. Upon reaching the port of entry the goods will go shipment inspection institution will complete an inspection through an inspection and quarantine whereby the goods before the shipment of goods and then submit a Pre- are reviewed against the pre-shipment inspection certificate. shipment Inspection Report to the local AQSIQ branch. The local AQSIQ branch will then review the report and After finishing the three-step AQSIQ check, the imported issue a Certificate of Pre-shipment Inspection if the goods used equipment is handed over for customs clearance. meet AQSIQ criteria. The Los Angeles-based CCIC North America is the only office authorized to conduct pre- Even though the Chinese Government has been trying hard shipment checks in the United States. Contact information to regulate the used equipment market and smooth the is below: procedures for importing used equipment, in reality, the procedure for making such a transaction is very 1050 Lakes Drive, Suite 480, complicated and tedious. Often, exact procedures are West Covina, CA 91790, U.S.A. determined on a case-by-case basis. Legitimate Tel: (626) 919-8802(O), (626) 960-1560 (H) transactions are hindered under the current Chinese Fax: (626) 919-8903(O), (626) 960-4543 (H) government's regulations and application procedures. Email:
Posted: 28 January 2011, last updated 23 February 2011

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