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Posted on: 27 Nov 2011

For UK companies working in the biopharma sector, India does not appear to offer any obvious benefits for collaboration. This report examines the Indian life science market (excluding healthcare and diagnostics) to see where the benefits lie for UK companies beyond the outsourcing of drug development.

Opportunities in the India Biopharma Sector October 2011 Anil Vaidya-Sector Specialist Life science Team UK Trade & Investment Source: Ingram Publishing/the Agency Collection/Getty Images The India Conundrum ? More than just call centres ? Outsource: Processes Chemistry Clinical Trials Biology Medical Statistics Medical Writing Animal work BABE (PK Studies) Outsource: Higher Value Drug discovery & IP Creation Rough India Biopharma Timeline 1990 2000 2010 2020 First government approved stem cell clinical trial API/Pharmaceutical Manufacturing First overseas acquisition by API/Generic Pharmaceuticals India biopharma (RLS & Genemedix) ? Drug Discovery India entry into Entry into stem bio-similiars cell banking India enters the Clinical trial service industry registry set up Indian Life Science Companies Generic Pharmaceutical Biotech / Similar Biologics Manufacturers Rank Company Revenue ($m) Rank Company R&D Pipeline Products 1 Biocon Diabetes, Oncology Insulin, EPO, GCSF, Streptokinase, 1 Cipla 1348.51 monoclonal antibodies, API 2 Ranbaxy 132.56 2 Serum Institute Vaccines: meningococcal A, Vaccines: bacterial, viral, recombinant Laboratories of India Meningitis, Bladder Cancer, & combination, Anti-sera, plasma, Pnumococcal, Recombinant anti-cancer 3 Dr Reddy?s 1178.00 GCSF, Inteferon Alpha, EPO Laboratories 3 Panacea Biotec Oncology: breast, brain, ovarian, HIV/AIDS, TB, Lymphatic Filariasis, pancreatic, prostate, colorectal - Nephrology, Diabetes, 4 Lupin 929.84 TBC Cardiovascular, pain, osteoporosis, respiratory, vaccine 5 Aurobindo Pharma 865.19 4 Reliance Life SiRNA, Monoclonal antibodies Plasma proteins, EPO, Interferon 6 Dabur India 700.30 Sciences alpha, R-GCSF, oncology, steroids, hormones, peptides 7 Sun Pharma 673.99 5 Syngene Not applicable - CRO 8 Cadila Healthcare 629.45 International 9 Jub 6 Bharat Biotech Malaria Vaccine Candidates, Vaccines: Pentavalent, Typhoid,, liant Life 561.03 PVcII, Rotavirus Vaccine Poliomyelitis, Anti-rabies, rhEGF, Sciences Candidates, ORV116E, Anti- infectives, Lysostaphin 10 Piramal Healthcare 480.26 7 Indian Information not available Vaccines: rabies, MMR, Hepatitis B, Immunologicals 8 Shantha Vaccines: cholera,Hib,DTw-Hib, Infectious diseases, oncology, Biotech (Sano DPT-+ H vaccine Pasteur Group) 9 Jubilant Life Oncology, Cardiovascular and API, Advanced intermediates, ne Sciences Diabetes chemicals, radiopharmaceuticals, 10 Cadila Pharma Conventional and recombinant Gastrointestinal drugs, topical vaccines, Anti cancer bio- preparations, therapeutics Own Drug Discovery Work Company Industry Sector Pipeline Note 1 Strand Life Sciences Bio-informatics N/A Translation medicine research oncology with MSCC 2 Cellworks Bio-informatics RA 3 V Life Sciences Technologies Contract Research N/A Discovery for client Anti-migraine, Anti-TB, Anti- 4 Lupin Pharmaceutical psoriasis agents, herbal & synthetic routes Anti-diarrhoea, diabetes, asthma, 5 Glenmark Pharmaceuticals Pharmaceutical COPD, pain, MS 6 Aurigene Contract Research Oncology, Rheumatoid arthritis, cancer, anti-infectives, anti- viral 7 Advinus Therapeutics Contract Research Metabolic, in ammatory, neglected diseases 8 Suven Life Sciences Contract Research CNS Collaborative research with Eli Lilly. Fee-for-service AZ, BMS, J&J, Pfizer, Abbott, Eli Lilly, Lundbeck, Reviva, Theravance, Onconova, Kareus. 9 Dr Reddy?s Pharmaceutical Bacterial infections, metabolic disorders, pain & in ammation 10 Piramal Life Sciences Pharmaceutical Oncology, in ammation, diabetes, infectious diseases 11 Wockhardt pharmaceutical Antibiotic 12 Sun Pharma Advanced Research pharmaceutical Anti-allergy, anti-in ammatory, anti-convulsant, muscle relaxant Snap Shot - Not a Comprehensive List Regional Biopharma Clusters Cluster Developments Cluster Region States Northern Delhi, Haryana, Uttar Pradesh, Cluster Madhya Pradesh, Himachal Pradesh, Rajasthan Eastern N/A Cluster New Delhi Southern Andhra Pradesh, Karnataka and Cluster Tamil Nadu Western Maharashtra, Gujarat and Goa Cluster Ahmedabad Government Science Parks City State Notes Mumbai H Lucknow Uttar Pradesh Indian & USA companies, a mix of ago-yderabad bio and healthcare companies including DNA banking, GMP stem cell facilities, Hyderabad Andhra Pradesh Alexandria Knowledge Park & Genome Bangalore Val ley Kochi Kerala Pilot facility to promote traditional medicine, medicinal herbs, spices Bangalore Karnataka To be structure into three components, Institutional & Research & Development Block; Biotech Incubation Centre and Common Instrumentation Facility Himachal Pradesh Shimla Not available Overseas Collaborations India Pharmaceutical Partnering Company Activity In-licensing Activity Company Piramal Healthcare Abbot Acquired domestic Sun Pharma & Merck - molecule development formulation business Sun Pharma & CC (UK) - inhaler technology Zydus Cadila Abbot Commercialisation Glenmark & Chromos (Canada) - monoclonal antibody agreement Panacea Biotech - Torrent AstraZeneca Commercialisation agreement for generics Biocon P zer Commercialisation biosimilar insulin Strides Arcolab P zer Off patent pharmaceuticals Claris Lifesciences P zer Off patent pharmaceuticals Aurobindo Pharma P zer Off patent pharmaceuticals Ranbaxy Daiichi Sankyo M&A Shantha Biotech Sano Aventis M&A Matrix Mylan M&A Ref: BioSpectrum, Asia Edition Vol 6, Issue5, May 2011, March 2011 Funding in Biopharma Private Equity & Corporate Funds Government Venture Capital Funds Departments Tata Capital ($800m fund) Fidelity Department of Biotechnology Reliance Venture Asset Management Kotak Private Equity Group (KPEG) Sequoia Capital India OrbiMed Evolence Capital New Silk Route (NSR) US Overseas PE investors 2009-2010 approximate investments $700m Not exclusive pharma/healthcare related including infrastructure 2002-2009 investments approx investments $500m. Not necessarily from the above funds. Funding from DBT Fund Amount Sector Note The Sma Grant-in-aid loan Rs 50 Lakhs to 10 Crore medical, agriculture, food, ll Business Innovation Research Initiative (SBIRI) industrial, environment, biomedical devices, instrumentation Biotechno Programme in partnership with ABLE & HIV, Tuberculosis, Malaria, logy Industry 250 Proposals Research Ass Biotech Consortium India for R&D of biotech Influenza, Dengue, Pneumococcal, istance received to date Programme (BIRAP) products to support emerging biotech Hepatitis C, Rotavirus Jap with 20 accepted entrepreneurs Encephalitis, Improved Typhoid, Cholera, Cancer Vaccines, Diabetes, Cardiovascular neurological Funding Requirement Min 51% of company to be owned by Indian National Opportunities I UK Out-license Drug Discovery Opportunities Inbiopro Chronic Diseases in India: Looking to in-license or buy High expression mammalian cell based platform / cell lines Products - Coronary Heart Disease Biobetters & NBE?s beyond proof of concept stage in oncology & RA Diabetes Novel expression platforms such as Fucose knock-out cell lines, FAb Fragment expression in E.Coli Protein modification technology Novel Asthma formulation & drug delivery systems for existing biological blockbusters Obesity Large Biotech Company (Name withheld) Cancer Interests in the following therapeutic areas: Infectious Diseases Diabetes & Metabolic diseases Oncology Inflammation ( Arthritis, Psoriasis, etc) Immunology and other autoimmune diseases Nephrology Orphan diseases Would like to evaluate new technologies in: Pharmaceutical space Platform technologies Enabling technologies Century Pharmaceuticals a) Does research match that of potential in-licensee ? Partnership on developing their own internal novel molecule for Asthma b) Risk appetite treatment c) Assign rights for Indian market Bharat Biotech New vaccines in a variety of therapeutic areas d) Pharma / CRO / Outliers Panacea Biotech Vaccines & biological in-license interests Therapeutic areas: Diabetes, pain management, oncology, antibiotics Opportunities II Clinical Trials & Services a) Raise standards Access to large naÏve patient population b) Risk share on patients Disappointingly untapped market c) Increase territorial footprint d) Other services: medical writing, statistical analysis etc Opportunities III Technology Transfer IKP Knowledge Park (NPO), Hyderabad Need to access leading Looking for technology that can be transferred to Indian companies. technology Technology Areas: Willing to buy technology & 1. Therapeutics & vaccines in phase 1 clinical trials (infectious diseseas, cancer) company to access market 2. Biosimilars with significant data for regulatory approval (MAbs, therapeutic proteins) 3. Point of care diagnostics that can be low priced 4. Molecular PCR diagnostics - infectious diseases, genetic diseases 5. ELISA based diagnostics - infectious diseases, genetic diseases 6. Rapid diagnostics (paper strip tests) 7. Enzymes for diagnostics biochemical tests (GOD, POD, etc) 8. Enzymes with industrial applications a) Unassigned technology 9. Economic and green production of pharmaceutical intermediates and API?s 10.Cardiac stents improvements, designs b) Risk development in India & UK 11.Inexpensive medical devices c) Potential access to funds Some Final Thoughts....... By 2020 there will be 100 million Indian?s with a $100,000 pay cheque (unassigned quote) $3 billion biotech India pharma is changing ? market now Pharma, Bioinformatics, Agricultural companies entering field ? Smaller SME?s setting up ? Money is available ? Returnees & Expats looking to India ? India supplies over 50% of Opportunities depend on who you are ? global vaccines Position work in India for certain molecues ? India not failed as yet ? Confident and can do so attitude ? National Centre for Biological Sciences ? Visit the market & then dismiss it if necessary !
Posted: 27 November 2011

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