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Posted on: 23 Feb 2010

Discussion on seafood industry in India - trend and future possibility.

December 2008 Pawanexh Kohli 1 ? Freshly caught Fish need to be cooled as soon as possible and remain in cold storage/refrigeration until consumed. ? An uninterrupted cold chain is important in preserving Fish for longer periods and avoid losses and spoilage. Pawanexh Kohli 2 Type of Fish -10°C -18°C -20°C -23°C -25°C -29°C White Fish (Gutted) 1 month 4 month 8 month Smoked White Fish 1 month 3 months 7 month Herring (Gutted) 1 month 3 months 6 month Kippers 3 weeks 2 month 4 month Whole Cooked Lobster 6 month Cooked Lobster Meat 3 month Whole Cooked Crab 4 month 8 month Cooked Crab Meat 3 month 6 month Mussel Meats 3 month 8 month Cod, Haddock, Etc. 3-5 month 6-8 month 8-10 month Flatfish 4-6 month 7-10 month Fatty Fish 2-3 month 3-5 month 6 month Lobster And Crab 2 month Shrimp 6 month Oysters 2-4 month Scallops 3-4 month Clams 3-4 month Extended Shelf Life Pawanexh Kohli 3 ? Private companies catering to export market follow guidelines as laid by MPEDA and clients. ? Such companies have freezing and storage facilities and implement quality and HACCP processes. ---- ---- ---- ---- ---- ---- ---- ---- ---- ? Marine fish sold in domestic market is largely limited due to lack of efficient cold chain infrastructure. ? Subsequent low shelf life of marine fish limits market to coastal areas and associated higher price further inland. ? Opportunity exists for creating a complete cold chain for Marine Fish sold in domestic market. Pawanexh Kohli 4 ? Fishing boats prepare by loading on ice. ? Flake ice is brought to the boat prior departure. Pawanexh Kohli 5 ? Flake ice is filled into boats hold or insulated boxes for short term holding of the catch. ? The fish when caught are kept under layers of ice until returning to port. Pawanexh Kohli 6 ? Freshly caught fish is stored in the hold or boxes under flaked ice. After 7 Days Ice still visible ? core temperature at 8 ºC After 2 Days Ice still visible ? core temperature at 0 ºC Pawanexh Kohli 7 ? Re-icing into crates at local pack-house, usually run by local fisheries department. ? Transport in open trucks with frequent re-icing stops enroute. Pawanexh Kohli 8 Current retailing does not reach smaller towns and villages ? Retail price of Marine Fish ranges from Rs.70 a kg to Rs. 700 a kg depending on the type and size of fish. Pawanexh Kohli 9 India?s growth has not necessarily lagged in this industry, though scope stays immense Pawanexh Kohli 10 Pawanexh Kohli 11 Pawanexh Kohli 12 Pawanexh Kohli 13 Sea Food Domestic Exports market Seafood Export Industry in India has a Largely ignored. turnover of about USD 9 Billion. Traditionally non-fish households fast changing over last two years. Approx 400 processing plants focused on exports. Losses enroute causes price differentials, effecting market opportunity. Mos Frozen seafood easily accepted t of the export is focused on USA. compared to frozen meats or vegetables by hinterland consumer. Pawanexh Kohli 14 Minimal competition for domestic market ? traditionally export oriented. Implement best Quality & traditional practices and efficient spoilage fears keep cold-chain consumer at bay ? management reduces quality and brand will losses. make impact. Increasing local demand specially in hinterland. Perceived value add. Pawanexh Kohli 15 Safe shelf-life: secure sales. Brand Advantage: Cold Reduced HACCP losses: reduced compliant safe to Chain prices. brand. Acceptability: Frozen sea food accepted food. Pawanexh Kohli 16 Risks Perceived L Logistics - demand to grow ack of Infrastructure to Energy Costs during storage, pr in North and central India, ocess store and market. distant from processing and transport. coastal areas. Mitigating Advantage Capital expenditure New markets, adds to Modernise with that adds value. consumer base. hybrid technologies. Pawanexh Kohli 17 Pawanexh Kohli 18
Posted: 23 February 2010

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