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Posted on: 24 Mar 2012

Indonesian Ministry of Agriculture regulation No. 88/2011 requires that a prior notice form for the exportation of fresh food of plant origin (FFPO) to Indonesia.

THIS REPORT CONTAINS ASSESSMENTS OF COMMODITY AND TRADE ISSUES MADE BY USDA STAFF AND NOT NECESSARILY STATEMENTS OF OFFICIAL U.S. GOVERNMENT POLICY Voluntary Public - Date: 3/19/2012 GAIN Report Number: ID1206 Indonesia Post: Jakarta Prior Notice ? Application of Imported Fresh Food of Plant Origin (FFPO) Report Categories: Agricultural Situation Approved By: Dennis Voboril Prepared By: Fahwani Y.Rangkuti & Jonn Slette Report Highlights: Indonesian Ministry of Agriculture regulation No. 88/2011 requires that a prior notice form for the exportation of fresh food of plant origin (FFPO) to Indonesia should be filled out by producers and/or exporters in the country of origin effective immediately. General Information: Ministry of Agriculture Regulation 88/2011, which covers food safety controls over internationally trade FFPO, requires prior notice information as one of document for imported FFPO. Regulation 88/2011 supersedes Regulation 27/2009. Previously under Regulation No. 27/2009, the prior notice requirement was a form that attested to the variety of FFPO. This form was completed and signed by the local Indonesian importer. However, FAS Jakarta just recently learned that under Regulation No. 88/2011, the prior notice form requires the producer or exporter in the country of origin to fill out the form. Ministry of Agriculture officials in the Quarantine Agency stated that this form is required effective March 19, 2012. It should be noted that there remains confusion among importers about whether this form is required from countries that have obtained official Country Recognition by the Indonesian Quarantine Agency for Decree 27/Regulation 88. The Indonesian Government have not notified Regulation 88 to the WTO, nor have they conducted any formal socialization or formal discussions with their trading partners on this or related regulations issues in recent months. An unofficial English translation of Regulation 88 may be obtained on the FAS Jakarta website: The translation includes a list of products affected. The form required under Regulation 88/20011 is attached below: LAMPIRAN III PERATURAN MENTERI PERTANIAN NOMOR : 88/Permentan/PP.340/12/2011 TANGGAL : 14 Desember 2011 KETERANGAN PSAT (PRIOR NOTICE) No. : ????????????.. APPLICATION OF IMPORTED FRESH FOOD OF PLANT ORIGIN A. Keterangan Pemohon/description of applicant: 1. Nama/name : ???????????????? 2. Alamat/address : ???????????????? 3. Nomor : ???????????????? telepon/phone number B. Keterangan Barang Kiriman (Description of Consignment): 1. Tanggal pengiriman/date of : ??????????? loading 2. Tempat pengiriman/place of : ??????????? loading 3. Tanggal pemasukan/date of : ??????????? arrival 4. Tempat pemasukan/place of : ??????????? destination 5. Jenis alat angkut dan identitasnya/ : ??????????? means of conveyance and identification number C. Keterangan PSAT/description of the fresh food of plant origin: 1. Nama umum/name o f : ??????????????? produce 2. Nama : ??????????????? ilmiah/botanical name 3. Jumlah/quantity : ??????????????? declare 4. Tempat produksi : ....................................................... (penanganan)/ production site (handling site) 5. Area : ....................................................... produksi/production area 6. Lembaga sertifikasi/ : ???????????????. the certification body (optional) 7. Negara asal atau : ???????????????.. negara pengirim/ country of origin or country of export 8. Tanggal Panen/ date : ???????????????.. of harvest *) 9. Periode Penyimpanan/ : ???????????????.. period of storage *) 10. Rencana Distribusi/ : ???????????????. distribution area D. Tujuan impor/import purpose: ???????????????????.?.. E. Informasi lainnya/other information: ?????????????????............... Tempat/place : ????????.....? Tanggal/date : .????????.?... Pemohon/applicant : (??????????.) *) khusus untuk jenis PSAT: apel, jeruk, anggur, dan pir,/ specified for apple, orange, grapes, and pear. MENTERI PERTANIAN, ttd SUSWONO
Posted: 24 March 2012

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