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Posted on: 20 Sep 2010

there are around 2,900 Italian publishing houses, and the market of buying and selling rights is constantly changing. The Italian Publishing sector offers good opportunities to talented British writers.

Publishing Sector ? Italy Sector Report THE PUBLISHING SECTOR ITALY Produced by: Silvia Fusé Trade Adviser, Head of Unit (Creative & Media: Publishing and Music) British Consulate General Milan Last revised: June 2009 Whereas every effort has been made to ensure that the information given in this document is accurate, neither UK Trade & Investment nor its parent Departments (the Department for Business, Enterprise & Regulatory Reform, and the Foreign & Commonwealth Office), accept liability for any errors, omissions or misleading statements, and no warranty is given or responsibility accepted as to the standing of any individual, firm, company or other organisation mentioned. Published June 2009 by UK Trade & Investment. Crown Copyright © Publishing Sector ? Italy Table of Contents OVERVIEW 3 OPPORTUNITIES 3 CHARACTERISTICS OF MARKET 5 KEY METHODS OF DOING BUSINESS 6 MORE DETAILED SECTOR REPORTS 7 EVENTS 8 CONTACTS 9 Page 2 of 8 Publishing Sector ? Italy OVERVIEW The Publishing sector belongs to Creative Industries, one of the most active and profitable sectors of British industry, second only to financial and legal services. The definition of Creative Industries is "Those industries which have their origin in individual creativity, skill and talent and which have a potential for wealth and job creation through the generation and exploitation of intellectual property". The book publishing market in Italy in 2007 (latest available data published in the Report presented at the Frankfurt Book Fair in May 2009) achieved a total turnover of 3.702 billion Euros, showing an increase of 0.87% over the previous year. Over 61,000 titles were produced (62% of which were new books) and 268 million copies. The number of readers, however, decreased: there were 24 million readers of at least one book per year (43.1% of the population) but only 3.2 million Italians read at least one book per month. ? Readers of at least one book in 2007 were 24 million Italians (-1% compared to 2006). But only 3.2 million read one book per month ? The market: growing by 0.9% ? Books at newsstands attached to newspapers: -7.5% in value compared to preceding year, titles halved, -24% of copies ? Total publishing houses are 2901. Staff 38 thousand ? Distribution: increasingly bookshop chains (out of 2 thousand bookshops, 609 belong to chains) ? The trade market: increase in sales in large-scale retail outlets, online bookshops (+37%), newsstands ? Production: over 61 thousand titles (62% new books), 268 million copies ? Translations: 1 title in 5 is "foreign" ? Women read more than men: female readers are 48.9% compared to male (37%) readers. ? Young readers are stronger: children from 11 to 14 are 59.5% of young readers, 15-17 years old are 56.6%, 18-19 year old are 54.6%. ? Exports of Italian books: +2% The sector of Publishing is considered for books and novels as a creative process and it includes all the professional service companies delivering a creative service to clients e.g. writers, authors, books covers designers, printers. 1. The publishing sector from the UK is perceived as one of the most inspiring, provocatively brilliant and eclectic elements of ?British creativity? in Italy, together with design, music, fashion and textiles design. 2. The Italians read a lot of translated books by British authors. OPPORTUNITIES The Italian Publishing sector offers good opportunities to talented British writers. At the annual International Book Show (Salone Internazionale del Libro di Torino), which is held every May at the Turin fairgrounds, British writers have a very strong opportunity of showing their books and products to the world industry and to the public. The next edition will be held from 13th ? 17th May 2010. Page 3 of 8 Publishing Sector ? Italy At the International Children?s Bookfair in Bologna (Fiera Internazionale del Libro per ragazzi) which is held every year in March at the Bologna fairgrounds, British writers had as well a very strong presence, showing their books and products to the world industry and to the public. The next edition will be held from 23rd ? 25th March 2010. In 2009 edition, UK exhibitors (writers, authors, editors, publishing houses) were 133 and obtained a very good success. The best opportunities are within the above cited sectors (books, novels and books for children). British authors may profit of the interest that Italian audience has for international writers and authors, by providing their own presence at these events or by organising public tours to different cities around Italy, to sign and present their books. This can be done with the help of their own UK publishing companies or Italian agents and by using UKTI services (OMIS). UKTI publishes international business opportunities gathered by our network of British Embassies, High Commissions and Consulates worldwide. These opportunities appear in the Opportunities portal on the relevant sector and country pages on the UKTI website. By setting up a profile you can be alerted by email when relevant new opportunities are published. New or updated alert profiles can be set in My Account on the website. Page 4 of 8 Publishing Sector ? Italy CHARACTERISTICS OF MARKET Italian Publishing Houses are around 2,900 and employees of the sector are around 38,000. Editors who are really active on the market (because they publish at least one book per month, they have an editorial plan and a distribution, with at least 100 titles commercially vital in their catalogue) are 1,016. Trend of publishing market cover price Source: AIE Research Department Distribution is more and more concentrated on book chains (out or 2,000 bookshops, around 609 are part of a chain). This latest development includes the presence of bookshops also within commercial centres, airports and soon train stations. 63 libraries are part of multi stores (with over 1,000 smq, selling books and other products, such as music, videos, etc?). The trade market: Mass distribution is growing within the area of book selling. Online libraries have been +37% in the last year and the hypermarkets or supermarkets can profit of their stronger capabilities in the price and promotion policies. Page 5 of 8 Publishing Sector ? Italy Production: over 61,000 titles were issued in the last year for a total of 268 million copies. 82.9% were books with different subjects, 7 % were children?s books and 10% were books published for education purposes or for schools. Translations: 1 title out of 5 is a foreign title. 22.5% of books published in Italy are of foreign origin and obviously the English speaking markets are the biggest portion of titles published (47% of books within different areas and 71% of children?s books). Other linguistic areas are French, German, Spanish. The 10 most sold Books in Italy in 2008 Ranking Title 1 Gomorra, by Roberto Saviano 2 A Thousand Splendid Suns, by Khaled Husseini (Italian translation Mille Spendidi Soli) 3 Tutto per una ragazza, Nick Hornby (Italian translation Tutto per una ragazza) 4 The Elegance of Hedgehog, by Muriel Barbery (Italian translation L?Eleganza del riccio) 5 Diario di Scuola, by Daniel Pennac 6 A un cerbiatto somiglia il mio amore, by David Grossman 7 Un cappello pieno di ciliegie, by Oriana Fallaci 8 Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, by J. K. Rowling (Italian translation Harry Potter e i doni della morte) 9 Twilight , by Stephanie Meyer 10 La Solitudine dei numeri primi, di Paolo Giordano Source KEY METHODS OF DOING BUSINESS Writers, authors and publishing houses can offer their products to local partners under a licence agreement on individual products or a range of products. Obtaining an introduction to local contacts is very difficult and only the most innovative projects are accepted if and when the company finds that the project proposed is in line with its own strategy or philosophy. Copyright payments and income Italian publishers and authors need to work with SIAE (the Italian Association of Authors and Editors ) in order to have their copyright protected and royalties paid. Siae is not excatly the equivalent of the British Publishers Association (, as it includes music, performing arts, writing and broadcasting. The Italian equivalent of BPA is AIE (Italian Authors? Association ). Notwithstanding this, authors and publishers need to work closely with SIAE, to have their works recognised and registered in order to be sold in libraries, online, multichain stores, bookshops, etc.. Writers need a professional editor or agent able to sell to the appropriate channel. The participation at local exhibitions, in particular at the International Book Fair and the International Children?s Bookfair offers British authors and publishers the possibility of meeting buyers/agents/editors at an international level and selling/making contacts to sell rights. In recent decades, despite the slow growth of reading levels and volume of business within its own market, Italian publishing as nevertheless held on to its position among the top ten in the world. It has also maintained its spirit of openness and curiosity, which has seen it active in proposing the most Page 6 of 8 Publishing Sector ? Italy interesting new products in different sectors. It has often managed to alter the balance between the purchase and sale of rights in a positive direction, compared to the situation in previous decades. The market of buying and selling rights has also been constantly changing, especially over the last decade, because of the impact of two extremely important factors: firstly, the ever-increasing inter penetration and integration among the leading Western publishers; secondly, the growing easiness with which transactions concerning the sale of rights can be carried out through digital technology, without direct contact. This explains the profound change which is affecting the great fairs (Frankfurt Buchmesse, London, Turin International BookFair), where one now goes not too much to buy and sell rights, but more to confirm contracts already drawn up or reinforce relationships already established and do more promotion. Other background information on doing business in Italy can be found on UKTI?s website. Simply go to the Italy country page where you will find information on: ? Economic background and geography ? Customs & regulations ? Selling & communications ? Contacts & setting up ? visiting and social hints and tips MORE DETAILED SECTOR REPORTS When considering doing business in Italy, it is essential to obtain professional advice about the local market structure. More detailed market overviews and a customised search for agents/distributors/retailers/business partners/press contacts can be obtained through the OMIS (Overseas Market Introduction Service) system. Our team responsible for the Publishing sector will be able to suggest suitable market channels and opportunities. The British Consulate-General in Milan also offers a commercial publicity OMIS service for companies looking to attract publicity on the Italian market. For further details, please contact: Silvia Fusé, Trade Adviser, Head of Publishing & Music Unit Alessandra Carminati, Trade Adviser Publishing & Music Unit British Consulate-General Via San Paolo 7 20121 Milano Italy Tel: +39 02 72300 232-218 Fax: +39 02 72020153 Email: Email: Website: Research is critical when considering new markets. UKTI provides market research services which can help UK companies doing business overseas including: ? Overseas Market Introduction Service (OMIS). Bespoke research into potential markets, contacts and support during your visits overseas. Page 7 of 8 Publishing Sector ? Italy ? Export Marketing Research Scheme. Advice on market research and help to contact subsidised market research administered by the British Chambers of Commerce on behalf of UKTI. Contact your local International Trade Advisor if you are interested in accessing these services, or for general advice in developing your export strategy. EVENTS IN ITALY FIERA INTERNAZIONALE DEL LIBRO International Books Exhibition Via Nizza, 280 10126 Torino (Piemonte) Info 0039 011 8104653 13th ? 17th May 2010 FIERA DEL LIBRO PER RAGAZZI International Children?s BookFair Piazza Costituzione, 6 40128 Bologna Info 0039 051- 282111 Email: 23rd ? 25th March 2010 Artelibro Festival of the Arts Book Info: tel. 0039 051-230385 e-mail: 24th ? 27th September 2009 UK Trade & Investment?s Tradeshow Access Programme (TAP) can help eligible UK businesses take part in overseas exhibitions. Attendance at TAP events offers significant benefits: ? possibilities for business opportunities both at the show and in the future ? a chance to assess new markets and develop useful contacts ? grants are available if you meet the criteria ? UKTI staff overseas will be available to assist delegates Find out if you are eligible to apply to attend this event, and more about the support UKTI can offer, on the UKTI Market Entry web page. Details of TAP events can be found in the Events on the Italy page. Other Market Visit Support may be available via your local International Trade Advisor. Page 8 of 8 Publishing Sector ? Italy CONTACTS Trade Associations AIE Associazione Italiana Editori (Italian Editors? Association) Corso di Porta Romana,108 - 20122 Milano Tel. 0039 02 89280800 Fax 0039 02 89280860 e-mail: ANES (Periodical Specialised Publishing - Editoria periodica specializzata) Via Pantano, 2 20122 Milano tel. 0039 02 8057777 fax 0039 02 8054815 e-mail ANEE - Associazione Italiana Editoria Elettronica (Italian Association of electronic Publishing) Via G. Sacchi, 7 20121 Milano Tel. 0039 02 0063 28 01 Fax. 0039 02 0063 28 24 FIEG (Italian Federation of Newspapers and Periodicals Publishers - editori di quotidiani e di periodici) Via Piemonte n. 64 00187 - Roma tel. +39 06 4881683 fax +39 06 4871109 e-mail: UKTI?s International Trade Advisers can provide you with essential and impartial advice on all aspects of international trade. Every UK region also has dedicated sector specialists who can provide advice tailored to your industry. You can trace your nearest advisor by entering your postcode into the Local Office Database on the homepage of our website. For new and inexperienced exporters, our Passport to Export process will take you through the mechanics of exporting. An International Trade Adviser will provide professional advice on a range of services, including financial subsidies, export documentation, contacts in overseas markets, overseas visits, translating marketing material, e-commerce, subsidised export training and market research. Page 9 of 8
Posted: 20 September 2010

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