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Posted on: 5 Jun 2013

This report provides information on export certificates required by the Government of Kuwait from food exporting countries.

THIS REPORT CONTAINS ASSESSMENTS OF COMMODITY AND TRADE ISSUES MADE BY USDA STAFF AND NOT NECESSARILY STATEMENTS OF OFFICIAL U.S. GOVERNMENT POLICY Required Report - public distribution Date: 5/15/2013 GAIN Report Number: Kuwait 01-2013 Kuwait Food and Agricultural Import Regulations and Standards - Certification FAIRS Export Certificate Report Approved By: Jude Akhidenor Prepared By: Mohamed Taha Report Highlights: This report provides information on export certificates required by the Government of Kuwait from food exporting countries. Section I. List of All Export Certificates Required By Government (Matrix) : Products Title of Attestation Required Purpose Requesting Certificate on Certificate Ministry Dry pea, Animal & Plant This is to certify that the Pest and Kuwait lentil, Health plant(s) product(s) insect free Municipality Rice, seeds, Inspection described herein confirmation Health fresh fruits & Service have been inspected Department, vegetables, (APHIS) and/or tested according Public live plants Phytosanitary to appropriate official Authority for and cut Certificate procedures, are Agricultural flowers, etc. considered to be free Affairs and from quarantine pests, Fishery and conform to Phytosanitary regulations of the country of the importing party including those for regulated non- quarantine pest. All products Certificate The goods are of “xxx” Country of Customs Of Origin origin origin Authorities confirmation and Kuwait Municipality Health Department All products Health The goods have been Health Health Except meat Certificate Prepared and shipped Certificate Department of And poultry under sanitary conditions Kuwait and are Municipality fit for human consumption Meat & Food Safety Animals were slaughtered Product Health Poultry Inspection and processed in produced Department of Products Service (FSIS) accordance to U.S. health under Kuwait Health regulations hygienic Municipality Certificate conditions Meat & Halal Slaughter Animals were slaughtered Product Customs Poultry and Certificate in produced Authority, food products accordance to in Health containing Islamic/Sharia laws & accordance Department animal requirements with Sharia ingredients Law other than confirmation pork. Section II. Purpose of Specific Export Certificate(s) ξ See Section I above. ξ Heat-treated products must be accompanied by certificates stating that products were processed using this type of technology. The same rule applies to irradiated food products and the accompanying certificate should mention the amount of irradiation used. ξ Some spices need to be accompanied by a “Certified Laboratory” certificate stating that the product is free from Sudan 1 and 2 colors and Bara Red. Section III. Specific Attestations Required on Export Certificate(s) ξ The Halal Slaughter certificate needs to be notarized by the Kuwait Embassy or Consulate (or any other Arab Embassy or Consulate in the absence of the Kuwait Embassy or Consulate) in the United States. This is a requirement by the Health Department of the Kuwait Municipality. ξ Kuwait Customs requires that the invoice and the country of origin certificate by notarized by the Arab American Chamber of Commerce. ξ See Appendix for certificate samples. Section IV. Government Certificate’s Legal Entry Requirements  Original certificates must accompany shipment at the time of entry. Importers may receive the documents through their bank.  Certificates are used for only the accompanying shipment since it carries the details of the shipments.  U.S. “State” issued export or health certificates are acceptable.  Modification to any certificate is not permitted once issued and shipped accompanying the product. Section V. Other Certification/Accreditation Requirements ξ Original invoice, bill of lading and packing list are required to accompany the above-referenced certificates to meet documentation requirements of the Customs Authority for the release of the shipment. Appendix I. Electronic Copy or Outline of Each Export Certificate The following are “samples” of certificates outlined in Section I and accepted by Kuwait officials. The standardized export health certificates issued by FSIS and APHIS are not repeated here. Note: At present Kuwait does not require a specific format for any certificate. Kuwait seeks only the information provided therein with authentication by the Kuwait Embassy/Consulate
Posted: 05 June 2013

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