Mexico Modifying Rules Related to Lumber Imports

A Lastest News about Processed Wood in Mexico

Posted on: 9 Jul 2012

Mexico’s environment secretariat (SEMARNAT) has been working to modify NOM-016, a rule that regulates the import of lumber.

THIS REPORT CONTAINS ASSESSMENTS OF COMMODITY AND TRADE ISSUES MADE BY USDA STAFF AND NOT NECESSARILY STATEMENTS OF OFFICIAL U.S. GOVERNMENT POLICY Voluntary Public - Date: 6/25/2012 GAIN Report Number: MX2039 Mexico Mexico Modifying Rules Related to Lumber Imports Report Categories: Wood Products Approved By: Dan Berman Prepared By: Pete Olson Report Highlights: Mexico’s environment secretariat (SEMARNAT) has been working to modify NOM-016, a rule that regulates the import of lumber. Mexico’s intent is to tighten phytosanitary controls to prohibit the importation of pest-infested lumber. The United States is a principal supplier of lumber to Mexico and the purpose of this report is to encourage interested parties to review the official version of the NOM modifications. Comments and questions can be submited to the responsible agencies. General Information: In April and May, SEMARNAT sent versions of its proposed NOM -016 modifications to COFEMER (equivalent to U.S. OMB—Office of Management and Budget) for internal review and the Diario Oficial (DO--equivalent to U.S. Federal Register) for public comment. COFEMER consultation page: DO: Parties involved in exporting or brokering U.S. lumber should review the proposed NOM changes to determine what impact the changes may have on their operations. FAS Mexico understands that the current version may yet be further modified and that SEMARNAT is interested in working with APHIS and counterpart agencies in other countries to ensure that the new regulations are as trade-facilitative as possible. Post will continue to follow this issue and provide updates as necessary. Interested parties may send any comments, questions, or suggestions to the addresses and persons listed in the above linked documents. Alternatively, parties may also inquire with the U.S. Hard and Soft Woods representative in Mexico, Roberto Torres ( or FAS Mexico City Ag Affairs Office Agricultural Attaché Pete Olson ( or APHIS Wood Products Specialist John T Jones ( SEMART is still accepting and reviewing comments submitted by interested parties. Post understands that the two sections of the revised NOM (as currently written) that may be of particular interest to the U.S. industry are and4.2.3. These sections state that kiln-dried wood must be exported within 45 days of the phytosanitary treatment and that only wood from certain countries may be imported in to Mexico. For More Information FAS/Mexico Web Site: We are available at or visit the FAS headquarters' home page at for a complete selection of FAS worldwide agricultural reporting. FAS/Mexico YouTube Channel: Catch the latest videos of FAS Mexico at work Useful Mexican Web Sites: SEMARNAT
Posted: 09 July 2012