Blackberry Situation

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Last updated: 19 Feb 2011

Industry sources believe increased blackberry plantings should continue in CY 2010.

THIS REPORT CONTAINS ASSESSMENTS OF COMMODITY AND TRADE ISSUES MADE BY USDA STAFF AND NOT NECESSARILY STATEMENTS OF OFFICIAL U.S. GOVERNMENT POLICY Voluntary Public - Date: 9/10/2010 GAIN Report Number: MX0061 Mexico Post: Mexico Blackberry Situation Report Categories: Fresh Fruit Agricultural Situation Approved By: Allan Mustard Prepared By: Dulce Flores Report Highlights: According to industry contacts, blackberry planted area jumped from 3,279 hectares (HA) and 44,135 metric tons (MT) in calendar year (CY) 2007 to 8,193 HA and 118,421 MT in CY 2008. The largest increase in planted area occurred in the state of Michoacán (160 percent). Total planted area for CY 2009 was 8,131 HA and 115,960 MT, slight decreases compared to the previous year as producers and traders encountered marketing and distribution channel difficulties. Industry sources believe this trend should continue in CY 2010 as the difficulties are unlikely to be addressed. However, growers believe that blackberry production remains a good business opportunity. Production: The main producing state is Michoacán with 95 percent of blackberry planted area, followed by Jalisco (1.6), and Colima (0.70). Michoacán harvest begins in October and ends in June. According to traders, there were market distribution problems in 2009, since planted area and harvested area in Mexico increased so dramatically from 2007, and, as such, the market may have been oversupplied. Additionally, it seems that during 2009, prices began collapsing and, reportedly, Mexican traders stopped shipping produce during the May to June period as price decreases on the international market made shipping unfavorable. Additionally, producers indicate that marketing challenges forced some growers out of the marketplace (i.e. abandoned planted area) and many expect the trend of lower planted area to continue in CY 2010. Table 1. Mexico: Blackberry Production, 2007-2009 Blackberries CY 2007 CY 2008 CY2009 Area Planted (HA) 3,279 8,193 8,131 Area Harvested (HA) 3,237 6,459 6,665 Production (MT) 44,135 118,421 115,960 Source: SAGARPA/ SIAP - Trade: The United States is the main export market for Mexican blackberries, followed by the United Kingdom, and Belgium. Trade data from Mexican sources and U.S. sources usually vary and, in this case, might differ as different berry varieties are grouped within the same tariff line of each country. Table 2. Mexico: Exports of Blackberry, Mulberry, and Raspberry, Metric Tons Blackberry, Raspberry, and Mulberry MY 2007/08 MY 2008/09 MY 2009/10 (HTS 0810.2001) Oct/Sep Oct/Sep Oct/May Total Exports 41,836 53,661 74,338 Exports to the U.S. 37,838 51,301 54,867 Source: Secretariat of Economy, SIAVI ?(System of Tariff Information via Internet) http// Table 3. United States: Imports from Mexico of Blackberry and Mulberry, Metric Tons Blackberry and Mulberry MY 2007/08 MY 2008/09 MY 2009/10 (HTS 0810.20.9040) Oct/Sep Oct/Sep Oct/June Total Imports 22,008 33,100 40,085 Source: U.S. Census Bureau
Posted: 30 November 2010, last updated 19 February 2011

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