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Posted on: 30 Jun 2012

The market for IT in the healthcare sector in Mexico is an emerging market as most health care institutions have recently started the process of identifying technologies that can help them.

IT in Healthcare A Top Export Prospect for Mexico June 2012 Overview The market for IT in the healthcare sector in Mexico is an emerging market as most health care institutions have recently started the process of identifying technologies that can help them to be more efficient and competitive in the services they offer. Currently, the technologies that are more popular in the sector are those for patient control, electronic file, supplies inventory control, pharmacy inventory and services control, and security systems. Potential clients for IT in the health care sector are mainly the large hospitals in the public and private sector with resources to purchase sophisticated technologies to automate patient service and administrative and supplies control systems. In the public sector there are 1,169 hospitals of which, 194 are highly specialized medical units. In the private sector, of the 3,140 hospitals, only 80 have over 50 beds and offer highly specialized medicine. Most of the hospitals offering specialty health care services are located in medium and large Mexican cities. There are also some medium sized private hospitals that offer specialty services and focus on high income, insured patients. These hospitals also represent potential users of IT health care applications. Based on surveys and market information, the private consulting company Select estimated that in 2011, the Mexican healthcare sector invested approximately US$ 488 millions in IT systems. This market is expected to continue growing, as automating technologies increase in the Mexican healthcare sector. Information Technology IT in health care is a growing trend in Mexico, mainly with private hospitals and clinics. Some of the biggest and more recognized hospitals are focusing on implementing the Electronic Health Record, HER (Expediente Clínico Electrónico) as well as other automation and control systems. These hospitals are also evaluating technologies and integrated systems that can provide real-time information and communication with staff and patients. Depending on the size of the hospital, the average cost to upgrade IT platforms US$10 million. Clinics focus more on productivity and efficiency systems for billing and data transmission. IMSS (Mexican Institute of Social Security) and ISSSTE (Institute of Social Security and Services for Public Employees) are also upgrading their systems to manage and improve the network of Top S pects n 2 U Export Pros in Mexico 2012: IT i Healthcare hundreds of clinics, huge medicine inventories, appropriate billing systems and supplier relationships. Other government health care institutions are also seeking improvements in their operations, including greater transparency, efficiency, and effective use of resources. Back to top Best Products/Services Products and systems that offer opportunities in the market include: • Automation hardware and software • Billing systems • Data protection systems • Electronic Health Record (EHR) • EPR systems (Enterprise Resource Planning) • Green IT-systems to reduce energy consumption • Hands-free and wireless communication mobile devices • Imaging transferring systems • Medical data exchange solutions • Mobile devices for medical use • Nursing systems • Patient tracking systems • Real-time database update accessible from multiple devices Back to top Opportunities Main opportunities are found with the private hospital networks, mainly with the large groups such Grupo Angeles and Star Médica. Other private hospitals are also good targets for innovative communications and automation solutions. Most private hospital groups are developing their 5-year tech innovation plan. The government sector also provides specific solutions with the public social service and healthcare institutions (IMSS, ISSSTE, and Pemex, State social security and health services). Given the more limited budget in the public sector, these institutions are seeking solutions that can effectively manage their resources such as medicines, clinics, personnel, facilities, and budgets. Back to top Top port 3 US Ex Prospects in Mexico 2012: IT in Healthcare Resources Useful links for public institutions: • • • • For private hospitals: • • • • • • • • For More Information Please contact Commercial Specialist Alicia Herrara (Healthcare Services, Medical Devices) at or Commercial Specialist Jesús González (IT, Telecom, Smart Grid) at at the U.S. Commercial Service in Mexico. 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Posted: 30 June 2012

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