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Posted on: 5 Oct 2010

Under President Felipe Calderon’s NationalInfrastructure Programme, an unprecedentedeffort is being made toward improving thescope, quality, and coverage of infrastructure in the country—ports included.

Sector briefing Ports Opportunities in Mexico Why Mexico? Mexico?s privileged geographical situation has allowed the country?s to develop a logistical network within the territory. The Mexican ports have been one of the most important elements for the mentioned development, as well as a key component for the nation?s exports growths in the past years. Under President Felipe Calderon?s National Infrastructure Programme, an unprecedented effort is being made toward improving the scope, quality, and coverage of infrastructure in the country?ports included. As part of this programme, a $6 billion USD investment will Find general information on Mexican market be devoted to projects in this particular sector. conditions on UKTI?s website. The Doing Business Guide for Mexico gives an overview of The key objective is to develop Mexico into a Mexico?s economy, business culture, potential logistics platform, competitive on global basis opportunities and an introduction to other by using the country?s geographic and relevant issues. commercial advantages. The main goals of the ?As of 2008, 3,302,728 Mexican Ports System are: build 4 new ports containers were moved and expand or upgrade 22 existing ports, build 10 cruise docks, increase available container through the Mexican ports terminal capacity from 4 to 7.2 million TEUS, system, ranked third in Latin and increase productivity rate of operations in America, with a growth of specialized container terminals from 68 to 75 8.2%? containers per hour-ship operations. UK Trade & Investment Sector briefing: Ports opportunities in Mexico Infrastructure Opportunities Mantainance and construction of basic infrastructure: Upgrades and expansions ? Quays There are four main ports in Mexico: ? Land reclamation works Manzanillo, Lazaro Cardenas, Veracruz and ? Sea locks, breakwaters, sea walls, and Altamira, where important investment is being other protective works. made. ? Dredging maritime accesses and canals. ? Primary roads. ? Multi-purpose Terminal in Mazatlan. The ? Railway Tracks. new terminal will help Mazatlan increase its hinterland to the northeast part of Services Mexico. An estimated investment of 3 million USD. Tender is planned to be All services performed in port areas: published in June 2010. ? Specialized Container Terminal (TEC) II ? Handling goods, loading/unloading in Lazaro Cardenas. Estimated ? Trash collection investment of $440 million USD. ? Provisioning Development plan in three phases, with ? Fuel Supply 4 berthing positions, waterfront of ? Mooring 1,485 metres, total area of 102 ? Storage hectares, depth of 59 feet, estimated ? Towage capacity of 2 million TEUs, equipment ? Telecomunications (dockside cranes) 12 super- postpanamax. Tender is planned to be Terminals published. ? Port of Veracruz Expansion of the North Managment contracts or build new terminals: Zone. Estimated investment of $4.1 billion USD. 37 docks, total area 532 ? Containers hectares, capacity of 124 million tons, ? Dry-Bulks capacity 4.1 million TEUS. Tender is ? Liquid-Bulks planned to be published December ? Multi-purpose 2010. ? Tourist marinas ? Cruise liners ? Ro/Ro New Ports Development Area Punta Colonet is a multimodal project located 140 km to the south of Ensenada. Its purpose Invest in: is to handle and transport container cargo between USA and Asia. The concession will be ? Industries for 45 years, with 100% private investment. ? Warehouse ? Fishing Industries The project is being analysed to adjust it to the ? Shipyards new conditions and with an atractive scheme recognising the present requirenments of the market. Finally, it should be mentioned that a lot of investment for the ports sector is planed on a mixed funding basis. Thus, the UK?s Security experience in PPP or other financial schemes could prove to be a major asset for UK An area that has become a growing concern for companies seeking to enter the Mexican ports operators is that of cargo and opertaions market. security. There is a growing demand for technology and equipment that will ensure the safe arrival of merchadise to its destination. UK Trade & Investment Sector briefing: Ports opportunities in Mexico If you have any questions on the opportunities above, contact the UKTI Mexico Infrastructure Team contacts named in this report. Business opportunities aimed specifically at UK companies are added daily to UKTI?s website. These leads are sourced by our staff overseas in British Embassies, High Commissions and Consulates, across all sectors and in over 100 markets. You can be alerted to Mexico/ports business opportunities on a regular basis by registering on the UKTI website. More on UKTI?s business opportunities service UK Trade & Investment Sector briefing: Ports opportunities in Mexico Major events and activities UKTI contacts Mexican Ports and Terminals Operators Diana Leon Association Congress (Oaxaca, Mexico) Trade & Investment Officer Contact: TBC British Embassy Mexico City Email: TBC Tel: +52 (55) 16 70 33 02 Time: September 2010 Email: Diana.Leon@fco.gov.uk www.ukti.gov.uk Lourdes Huelgas Find full details of all railways events in Trade and Investment Research Officer Mexico on the UKTI website. New export British Embassy Mexico City events are added daily to the site and you can Tel: +52 (55) 16 70 32 80 register to be alerted to them on a daily, Email: Lourdes.Huelgas@fco.gov.uk weekly or monthly basis www.ukti.gov.uk UKTI?s Tradeshow Access Programme (TAP) provides grant support for eligible Small & Medium Sized Enterprises (SME's) to attend trade shows overseas. Find out more about UKTI support for attendance at overseas events UK Trade & Investment Sector briefing: Ports opportunities in Mexico Next steps - How UKTI can help ? Arranging appointments British companies wishing to develop their ? Organise seminars or other events for business in the Mexican market are advised to you to meet contacts and promote your undertake as much market research and company in the Chinese market planning as possible in the UK. UKTI?s team in Mexico, with its wide local knowledge and This work is available via our Overseas Market experience, can provide a range of services to Introduction Service (OMIS) a chargeable British-based companies wishing to grow their service which assists British-based companies business in global markets. wishing to enter or expand their business in overseas markets. This can include: ? Provision of market information To find out more about commissioning this ? Validated lists of agents/distributors work, or accessing other UKTI services and ? Key market players or potential specialist advice, please visit the UKTI website customers in the Chinese market to find contact details for your local UKTI ? Establishment of interest of such office. contacts in working with you Whereas every effort has been made to ensure that the information given in this document is accurate, neither UK Trade & Investment nor its parent Departments (the Department for Business, Innovation & Skills, and the Foreign & Commonwealth Office), accept liability for any errors, omissions or misleading statements, and no warranty is given or responsibility accepted as to the standing of any individual, firm, company or other organisation mentioned. Published 2010 by UK Trade & Investment. Crown Copyright © UK Trade & Investment Sector briefing: Ports opportunities in Mexico
Posted: 05 October 2010

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