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An Expert's View about Education in New Zealand

Posted on: 28 Sep 2012

The New Zealand education and training market is dynamic and provides opportunities for innovative products and services in a number of areas.

Education & Training sector in New Zealand Similarities with UK cultural and education standards and the high regard with which UK products are held means that New Zealand educators and buyers are very willing to look at UK products and services. Market overview The New Zealand education and training market is dynamic and provides opportunities for innovative UK products and services in a number of areas. There is no intermediate layer between the Ministry of Education and schools themselves. Schools and tertiary instutions have considerable responsibility for their own governance and management, working within the framework of curriculum guidelines, requirements and funding arrangements set by central government and administered through its agencies. Development of New Zealand’s ICT infrastructure in education continues to be a priority for the New Zealand Government with technology increasingly key to education delivery. Key opportunities ξ The New Zealand Government has prioritised schools in its Ultra Fast Broadband (UFB) and Rural Broadband (RBI) initiatives, under which fibre is being rolled out across New Zealand to 97.7 percent of schools by June 2015. This will increase opportunities for online educational resource suppliers. ξ Teachers of religious studies and special needs report a lack of engaging resources. There are also opportunities for the provision of early childhood resources to support the recently implemented curriculum. ξ The New Zealand school curriculum is quite broad compared to that of the UK, with schools being able to deliver programmes relevant to their student’s needs. Ministry of Education initiatives focus sector-wide on truancy, pastoral care, professional development, raising achievement, personalised learning and collaboration between agencies. This provides opportunities for UK companies in online programmes, software, books and other resources. New Zealand schools are responsible for seeking their own resources and online products are becoming extremely popular with New Zealand teachers. ξ The establishment of 8 trades academies in 2011 aimed at senior secondary students delivers trades and technology programmes based on partnerships between schools, tertiary and industry organisations. 2012 will see the commencement of a further 13 trades academies. ξ In the competitive corporate sector the importance placed on leadership management and growth is recognised in the plethora of courses available provided mainly from the private sector. Opportunities also exist for change and empowerment training. Latest export opportunities in the Education & Training sector Latest export opportunities in New Zealand Getting into the market There is no intermediate layer between the Ministry of Education and the schools themselves. Therefore, schools are responsible for their own governance. They source their own resources and there are many New Zealand companies experienced in supplying to the 2,500+ schools. These companies are continually on the lookout for new opportunities. Distributors target each Team, Syndicate Leader or Heads of Department for each relevant learning area within individual schools. More about doing business in New Zealand Contacts Market intelligence is critical when doing business overseas, and UKTI can provide bespoke market research and support during overseas visits through our chargeable Overseas Market Introduction Service (OMIS). To commission research or for general advice about the market, get in touch with our specialists in country - or contact your local international trade team. ξ Barbara Harris, British Consulate-General Auckland. Tel: +64 (0) 9 303 5018 or email: ξ Deirdre Bonis, British Consulate-General Auckland. Tel: +64 (0) 9 303 5015 or email: Contact your local international trade team UKTI Events UKTI runs a range of events for exporters, including seminars in the UK, trade missions to overseas markets and support for attendance at overseas trade shows. Latest events in the Education & Training sector Major Events NZ-ED Show Date: 13-15 September 2012 Website address: ULearn 2012 Date: 10-12 October 2012 Website address: Useful links More about OMIS and other UKTI services for exporters
Posted: 28 September 2012