Horticulture Production Update 2011-2012

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Posted on: 31 Oct 2011

National Statistic Office estimates field vegetable production at nearly 4.4 million tons, tree fruit production at 2.9 million tons, and berry fruit production at over 0.5 million tons.

THIS REPORT CONTAINS ASSESSMENTS OF COMMODITY AND TRADE ISSUES MADE BY USDA STAFF AND NOT NECESSARILY STATEMENTS OF OFFICIAL U.S. GOVERNMENT POLICY Voluntary Public - Date: 10/6/2011 GAIN Report Number: PL1121 Poland Post: Warsaw Poland?s Horticulture Production Update 2011-2012 Report Categories: Fresh Deciduous Fruit Fresh Fruit Stone Fruit Strawberries Vegetables Agriculture in the News Agricultural Situation Approved By: Michael Henney Prepared By: Agata Kingsbury Report Highlights: National Statistic Office estimates field vegetable production at nearly 4.4 million tons, tree fruit production at 2.9 million tons, and berry fruit production at over 0.5 million tons. Vegetable and tree fruit crops production is expected to be significantly higher than previous season; however final berry fruit production is estimated to be lower due to smaller currants and strawberry crops earlier this summer. General Information: Vegetable growing conditions this year were very diverse and varied in different regions of the country. Spring sowing of vegetables was generally delayed, and the initial plant growth started mostly in unfavorable conditions (cold weather in April, frosts in early May, shortage of soil moisture in May and June). Rainfall in July improved soil moisture significantly. Rainfall provided a positive boost for vegetation growth early in July but then became excessive the latter half of the month crop, negatively affecting quality of many vegetable plots. August and September brought drier weather, dramatically improving conditions for growing vegetables thus salvaging quality of various varieties that had suffered earlier. Total vegetable production is estimated at approximately 4.4 million tons, up from last season as well as from the July estimate. Conditions for fruit production were very different as well, depending on the region. High winter tree losses due to freeze damage were recorded among peach, pear, cherry, and apple producers. In addition, some low-lying orchards that had suffered flood damage the previous season were cut down due to root system rot. Many cherry, plum, and sweet cherry orchards fell into this category. Fruit trees flowered nicely in April but an early May freeze caused widespread damage to orchards across the country. August and September brought favorable growing conditions for fruit trees throughout the country. Soil moisture and favorable temperature supported good production of apples, pears, and plums. National Statistic Office estimates tree fruit production at 2.9 million tons. Commodity production estimates (in thousand tons) 2011/12 Apple 2500.0 Pear 65.0 Tart cherry 175.0 Sweet cherry 40.0 Plum 99.0 TOTAL TREE FRUIT (incl. walnut, peach, apricot ) 2900.0 Strawberry 159.0 Raspberry 105.0 Currants 160.0 TOTAL BERRY FRUIT (incl. chokeberry, blueberry, gooseberry) 505.0 Cabbage 1100.0 Cauliflower 200.0 Onion 630.0 Carrot (edible) 820.0 Red beets 340.0 Tomatoes 260.0 Cucumbers 260.0 Other field vegetable 760.0 TOTAL FIELD VEGETABLE 4370.0 Based on data from Central Statistic Office, Warsaw, Poland (September 2011).
Posted: 31 October 2011

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