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An Expert's View about Building Construction in Poland

Posted on: 8 Sep 2010

Construction output has been on the rise in spite of the global crisis. The sector grew by 3.7 per cent in 2009, mainly due to infrastructure projects.

POLAND THE LARGEST CONSTRUCTION SITE IN EUROPE. BUILD ON THE OPPORTUNITIES! Characteristics of the market: n Construction output has been on the rise in spite of the global crisis. The sector grew by 3.7 per cent in 2009, mainly due to infrastructure projects. n Poland?s allocation of ?37.6bn of European Funding, together with projects in the cities due to host the EURO 2012 Football Championships, have been the main drivers for infrastructure development. This will remain the case for a number of years. n The largest infrastructure projects are in road construction: 710 km of roads are now under construction and over 900 km of roads are yet to be constructed, under the latest contracts signed for a total value of ?8.5bn. n The boom in sports infrastructure continues (construction of EURO 2012 stadiums, numerous local stadiums, sports fields and local playgrounds across the country). n ?4.8bn euro has been allocated by the EU for environmental projects, including the construction of water and sewage infrastructure and waste management infrastructure. n The Polish power sector has suffered from chronic under-investment in the past and is now planning substantial modernisation and investments worth an estimated ?50bn. Where are the opportunities at the moment? n Construction and modernisation of motorways and expressways (est. ?6.1bn) and modernisation of railways (est. ?650m). n Construction of new airport terminals, runways and taxiways (projects worth ?0.5bn). n Modernisation of the power sector ? large investments are planned to increase the power generation capacity and develop transmission systems. The period from 2014 to 2016 will see the most rapid growth, with the commissioning of new 8,000-10,000 MW power-generating units. n A huge investment programme by Polish State What can UK businesses offer to the Railways (PKP) to modernise or renovate 40 railway stations at an estimated cost of ?245m. Polish market? n Construction of stadiums and sports facilities (over ?1bn n Products and applied technologies in infrastructure to be spent on EURO 2012 stadiums alone). n (sports, transport) Development of the hotel and leisure infrastructure, n Solutions for energy efficiency and eco-building including expansion by existing hotel chains. n n Products used in power sector construction More focus on the environmental aspects of construction n Expertise in sustainable development (construction and the first sustainable buildings with BREAM and eco-towns). /LEED certification. Halina Kosicka To find out how we can help Commercial Section British Embassy you ul. Kawalerii 12, 00-468 Warszawa make the most of these Tel: +48 22 311 0218 n Email: opportunities please contact: Before you export, speak to the experts. Thinking of expanding your business in Poland? UK Trade & Investment is the government organisation that helps UK-based companies succeed in an increasingly global economy. Its range of expert services are tailored to the needs of individual businesses to maximise their international success. For further information contact: UK Trade & Investment Poland, Halina Kosicka, Commercial Section British Embassy Tel: +48 22 311 0218 Email:
Posted: 08 September 2010