New Opportunities in Poland’s £30 billion Healthcare market

An Expert's View about Dental and Medical Equipment in Poland

Posted on: 4 Oct 2010

€67 billion in European Funding programmes will help maintain Poland as a market offering growth, stability and good prospects for UK business.

New Opportunities in Poland?s £30 billion Healthcare market Find out more with UKTI Warsaw Located at the heart of Europe, Poland is one of the six largest EU member states, with a population of 38 million. In recent years Poland has been one of the The Private healthcare sector has been fastest developing countries in the EU. Despite developing rapidly, particularly over the the global crisis GDP grew by 1.7 per cent in last two years. Private business already 2009, with 2.6 per cent growth expected by the generates over one third of the value of the European Commission in 2010. healthcare market and this is expected to develop further in years to come. ?67 billion in European Funding programmes The Polish pharmaceutical sector has will help maintain Poland as a market offering resisted the global crisis. In 2009, it grew growth, stability and good prospects for by 10 per cent reaching the value of UK business. PLN 26 billion. The major drive as in the previous years was sales of OTC products. Characteristics of the market 5 per cent growth is expected in 2010. Total expenditure on healthcare was just 1 over PLN 76 billion in 2008 and increased by It?s a challenging market ? 15 per cent in 2009. It still constitutes only Never enough money in the system 6.2 per cent of GDP which is one of the lowest rates in Europe. Bureaucracy Private spending accounts for almost Constant debate on the need for change 40 per cent of total expenditure in the sector. Ministry of Health not ready for roundtable discussion 1 £1 = PLN 4.52 (26 February 2010) Clinical Trials ? Poland?s high research ? but promising, with lots of potential and highly educated medical and opportunities including ? R&D staff make this an excellent location for clinical trials. Almost 700 trials take EU Funds ? ?350 million to be spent place every year with 30,000 patients on modernising hospital buildings and involved; large manufacturers invest purchasing new equipment by 2013. around PLN 3 billion in this annually. Equipment ? in order to meet EU sanitary IT in healthcare ? PLN 800 million will standards, Polish hospitals will need to be spent for the only central part of the replace most of their equipment by 2015, system alone. spending around PLN 9 billion. Investment ? great potential to purchase Specialised equipment ? the specialised Polish health resorts or build private equipment market is estimated to be worth healthcare centres. PLN 5 billion in 2010, including PLN 575 million for orthopaedic equipment. Managerial skills ? a need to up grade the managerial skills of directors and managers In vitro diagnostics ? rapidly developing in the healthcare sector. by over 10 per cent annually, worth PLN 3 billion in 2009, one third generated by the private sector. How UKTI Warsaw can help you Dental services ? 95 per cent in private hands, the market worth well over Poland is rich in opportunities for companies PLN 6 billion in 2009. in the healthcare sector, but research is critical when considering new markets. Transformation ? there is a real need for UKTI Team Warsaw is here to help. Our OMIS consultancy support among healthcare service is designed to assist your company providers. British expertise in this area succeed in this market. is widely recognised. To find out how we can help you make the Euro 2012 Football Championships ? a huge, most of these opportunities please contact: long-term project almost unique to Poland, generating development opportunities in Katarzyna Bogusz numerous sectors including healthcare. Commercial Section British Embassy Euro 2012 will require up graded regular ul. Kawalerii 12, 00-468 Warszawa and emergency healthcare services, particularly in EURO 2012 host cities Tel: +48 22 311 0216 (Warsaw, Gdansk, Poznan, Wroclaw). Email: Emergency Services ? A new network to be set up with one ER ward per 150-200 thousand of population. EU funds expected to be spent on this project by 2013 amount to PLN 350 million.
Posted: 04 October 2010