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An Expert's View about Environmental Technologies in Romania

Posted on: 15 Mar 2012

The EU allocated 5.6 B € in Structural and Cohesion Funds for 2007-2013 for the Romanian environment sector.

Environment Sector in Romania The EU allocated 5.6 B ? in Structural and Cohesion Funds for 2007-2013 for the Romanian environment sector. The World Bank, EBRD and EIB are also major sources of finances. Market overview The key challenge for Romania is to meet environmental goals e.g. carbon dioxide emission allocation, compliance with EU standards within the required timescales and key targets for reducing waste to landfill, energy efficiency and use of renewable resources for energy generation. Alongside international finance, it is expected that major investments will need to be made by industrial companies, water companies, count1y councils, city authorities, etc in order to achieve full compliance with EU Directives and the required standards, and to meet agreed targets (e.g. collection of segregated waste, recycling, GHG reductions, energy generation from renewable sources). Key opportunities The Sectoral Operational Programme Environment (SOP Environment) is the document which establishes the allocation strategy of the European funds for the environmental sector in Romania, for the 2007-2013 period. The programme was approved by the European Commission on 11 July 2007. The specific objectives of SOP Environment are: ? Improving the population?s access in all counties to water, sewage and wastewater treatment public services, by 2015; ? Improving waste management and reducing the number of historically polluted sites, in a minimum of 30 counties, by 2015; ? Reduction of negative environmental impact caused by old municipal heating systems in most polluted localities by 2015; ? Nature protection by supporting the protected area management, including NATURA 2000 implementation; ? Reduction of the incidence of natural disasters in the most vulnerable areas, and reducing coastal erosion in the Black Sea region, by 2015. In view of accomplishing the SOP Environment objectives, the following financing priorities have been identified: ? Priority Axis 1: Drinking water and sewage (Total budget 3.27 billion Euro, EU grant 2.78 billion Euro, national contribution 490 million Euro); ? Priority Axis 2: Waste (Total budget 1.17 billion Euro, EU grant 0.93 billion Euro, national contribution 233 million Euro); ? Priority Axis 3: Urban heating (Total budget 458 million Euro, grant EU 229 million Euro, national contribution 230 million Euro); ? Priority Axis 4: Nature protection (Total budget 215 million Euro, EU grant 172 million Euro, national contribution 43 million Euro); ? Priority Axis 5: Floods and costal zone (Total budget 329 million Euro, EU grant 270 million Euro, national contribution 59 million Euro) ? Priority Axis 6: Technical assistance (Total budget 174 million Euro, EU grant 130 million Euro, national contribution 44 million Euro). Latest export opportunities ? Environment Latest export opportunities - Romania Getting into the market Much will depend on the nature of your business e.g. trading, manufacturing or representative, and whether you are aiming at the domestic or the export market. Setting up a representative office is straightforward, but activities are limited to marketing and auxiliary services on behalf of the parent company. Other permitted business presences are limited liability joint stock companies, branch offices and joint venture partnerships. It is often useful to have a local partner to deal with local bureaucracy. For those entering the Romanian market for the first time, appointing a local representative is the most sensible initial approach. Selection of a potential distributor/agent can be facilitated through a service commissioned from the British Embassy. If an agency agreement is to be signed, a competent local lawyer should be consulted. The British Embassy's Trade & Investment Section (Tel: 00 4021 201 7200) can provide details. More about doing business in Romania Contacts Market intelligence is critical when doing business overseas, and UKTI can provide bespoke market research and support during overseas visits though our chargeable Overseas Market Introduction Service (OMIS). To commission research or for general advice about the market, get in touch with our specialists in country - or contact your local international trade team. ? Raluca Tudor, Senior Trade Adviser Tel: +40 (0)21 201 7368 or email: raluca.tudor@fco.gov.uk. ? Luiza Craciun, Trade Development Adviser Tel: +40 (0)21 201 7260 or email: luiza.craciun@fco.gov.uk Contact your local international trade team Major Events Ecomediu Date: November 2012 Website: http://expoarad.ro/targ/index.php?tg=12 Romenvirotec Date: March 2012 Website: www.romenvirotec.ro Romcontrola Date: March 2012 Website: www.romcontrola.ro Expoapa Date: June 2012 Website address: www.araexpoapa.ro UKTI Events UKTI runs a range of events for exporters, including seminars in the UK, trade missions to overseas markets and support for attendance at overseas trade shows. Latest events ? Environment Latest events ? Romania Useful links More about OMIS and other UKTI services for exporters
Posted: 15 March 2012

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