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Posted on: 29 Mar 2012

UKTI Belgrade’s study produced during Summer 2011 spanned political, geopolitical, economic, socio-economic and commercial aspects of the energy sector in Serbia

Energy sector in Serbia Obtain detailed research on Serbia?s energy sector from a report written by the British Embassy in Belgrade. Overview of report UKTI Belgrade?s study produced during Summer 2011 spanned political, geopolitical, economic, socio-economic and commercial aspects of the energy sector in Serbia, looking primarily at the power and oil & gas sectors. In addition to many hours of desk research, and drawing upon the years of existing expertise in the commercial and political sections of the British Embassy, UKTI Belgrade also had meetings with a State Secretary at the Ministry for Infrastructure and Energy; with energy policy leads at the EU Delegation; with the Serbian European Integration Office?s energy policy co-ordinator; and with the Head of the Serbian Chamber of Commerce?s energy group. The message received from all quarters was clear: ?There are countless energy projects ready-to- go in Serbia?. In many cases, international financial donors? resources were available to assist investments. Other countries ? not just China and Russia but primarily EU countries such as Germany, France, Austria and Italy ? were entering the market in a big way. Why wasn?t the UK? Taking the adoption of a new Law on Energy as our starting point, UKTI Belgrade sought to address some key questions: ? What was the state of the sector? ? What future supply and demand trends are expected? ? What relevant legislation and strategies exist ? or do not? ? What further reforms will be required? ? What are the domestic and international politics behind Serbia?s energy sector? ? And are there any valuable, realistic opportunities for UK firms to invest, or otherwise become involved in Serbia?s energy sector? UKTI Belgrade answered these questions, and more, in an eight-page report (plus annexes). Originally classified as ?sensitive? for internal use at the Foreign & Commonwealth Office, this has now been adapted and made available to UK business, through UK Trade and Investment?s Overseas Market Introduction Service, at a price of £300. Report contents The report contents include: ? Prospects for energy demand and supply ? Legislation, liberalisation and EU integration. ? The demise of low energy prices, and the implications. ? Suppliers, pipelines and foreign energy policy. ? What are the nature and scale of commercial opportunities? ? ANNEX A: Energy Balance for Serbia Contacts Please contact Zlatan Milosevic at the British Embassy, Belgrade, to discuss purchasing the report, or if you would like to engage UK Trade and Investment in other ways to learn more about Serbia?s energy market. Zlatan Milosevic Director of Trade and Investment British Embassy Belgrade Tel: +381 (0)11 306 1028 Email: Future reports UKTI Belgrade is currently working with local partners in putting together a detailed report looking at the prospects for the Renewable Energy & Energy Efficiency sectors in Serbia.
Posted: 29 March 2012

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