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Last updated: 3 Aug 2011

Transportation & Forwarding in Russia: facts, factors, tendentions forecasts

Cargo Forwarding Market Facts: ? Increasing of transportation volumes between Russia and Kazakhstan, Russia and some European Union countries (Germany , the Netherlands, Italy) as a result of the Customs Union establishment; therefore, demand for transportation increase; ?Reduction of truck fleet by 40 % taking into account physical deterioration, aging, hard exploitation in crisis conditions with no repair; ?Growth of prices by 30 % in Russia and Kazakhstan during the period end of 2010 ? beginning of 2011; ?Hard weather conditions in winter 2010-2011, hence, increase of delivery terms; ?Complicated ice situation in the port of St. Petersburg caused reorientation of cargo flows to the alternative ports (Baltic countries, Finland) and to automobile transport. Administrative Factors ?Customs Union contributes the further growth of trade and transportation among Russia, Kazakhstan and Belarus; ? The concept of transferring customs clearance places to the borders and close of the inner temporary storage warehouses (TSW) leads to the lines at the borders and at the entrances of the terminals which causes raise of transit delivery period, costs of TSW services and customs clearance; ?Belarus crisis: restrictions on the export of some types of goods from Belarus determines lack of return loadings from Belorussian carriers, fuel deficit and restrictions on refill; ?Changes in the Tax Laws in 2010-2011 and regulation of the transportation. Tendentions and Forecasts ? The current market conjuncture of the excess of demand for cargo autotransport over it?s supply forms the tariff rates, the carriers tend to make up for the losses of the crisis years; ? In the short term the raising of the demand for autotransportation from Europe is expected in autumn after summer break in manufacturing at the European factories; ? Tax burden expansion, implementation of the binding cargoes insurance, paid motorway section imposition lead to the rise of prices; ?During peak periods (New Year and Christmas time, May, August, fall) when there is excess of demand for cargo autotransport over it?s supply the cargo owners would declare ?open rates?, it means any rate in case of vehicles? availability; ? Renovation of the transport fleet is possible at favorable administrative and legislative policy: - In short-term prospect: rise of prices for transport (carriers compensate their investments), - In long-term prospect : raise of supply and stabilization.
Posted: 23 June 2011, last updated 3 August 2011

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