Digital home entertainment in the UK

An Expert's View about Consumer Electronics in the United Kingdom

Posted on: 24 Aug 2010

This report covers key aspects of the UK market for digital home entertainment.

Digital Home Entertainment The UK is Europe?s largest market for MP3 players, fl at panel TVs and games. It is Europe?s leading market for take-up of digital TV services, and also lead market for ICT-related services. EU Expanding demand for services number 1 and growing fast Service demand has been accelerated by the high The UK Consumer Electronics market, already EU num take-up of SMS, e-commerce, social networking ber 1 by value, is growing faster than and internet video such as BBC?s iPlayer. that of France and Germany. British consumers have proved readier to experiment with new Comparative EU Consumer Electronics Spend entertainment products and services than their mor The UK clearly leads the EU in adoption of home e conservative EU peers. entertainment media products: High market penetration by gadgets Advanced TV Units Value The average UK home now has 16 gadgets. UK 5,830,000 K6,426m The UK as a whole has 70 million mobile phones, 60 million TV sets, 40 million DVD players, Germany 4,443,000 K4,753m 24 million computers, and 22 million France 3,907,000 K3,650m games consoles. Spain 2,501,000 K2,321m Universal broadband access Games Consoles Units Value The UK now has almost universal broadband UK 4,950,000 K1,040m access via cable, DSL, or mobile networks. France 3,555,000 K899m Routes to 100Mbps broadband access are currently being explored, creating Germany 3,360,000 K588m major opportunities for equipment and Spain 2,890,000 K549m service providers. Multimedia Players Units Value Rapid growth in mobile broadband UK 11,553,000 K1,329m Mobile broadband, with over 20% 3G penetration Germany 7,672,000 K620m and over 20 million active 3G subscribers, has France 6,537,000 K669m taken off rapidly. Users like to stay connected with their favourite entertainment whether Spain 4,538,000 K376m directly off-air as in mobile TV or indirectly through home entertainment systems. DVD Players Units Value UK 6,333,000 K951m Leaders in digital TV take-up France 6,200,000 K931m Digital TV take-up has been most rapid in UK Germany 5,044,000 K774m with over 80% penetration and a substantial Spain 2,950,000 K311m number of consumers already adopting HDTV and/or using PVR Set Top Boxes. Leading players in the UK digital home entertainment market include: Flat panel adoption Flat panel HD-ready displays have been taken up Samsung, Sony, Pace, Panasonic, most rapidly in UK and become commodity items Nintendo, Microsoft, Cambridge Silicon Radio, following the successful rollout of digital TV. ST Microelectronics, Texas Instruments, National Semiconductor, Philips, Toshiba. UKT-100470 Digital Sector Sheet 2pp v2 AW.indd 1 22/1/10 16:51:50 ? The UK is the gateway, and the most important market in Europe. If it succeeds here, it trickles elsewhere.? David Yarnton MD ? Nintendo UK UKT-100470 Digital Sector Sheet 2pp v2 AW.indd 2 22/1/10 16:51:51 Image: Child playing with Wii Console
Posted: 24 August 2010