Mobile telecommunications services in the UK

An Expert's View about Wireless Telecommunications in the United Kingdom

Posted on: 25 Aug 2010

This report covers key aspects of the UK mobile telecommunications services market.

Mobile Telecommunicat ions Services The UK market for Mobile Telecommunications Services (MTS) is among the most attractive in the world, generating around £21 billion pa with growth of around £900 million pa. A springboard for growth Growth in music and video downloads Using the UK mobile market as a platform, MTS Full-track music is predicted to account suppliers with global ambitions can readily expand for an increasing proportion of content spending from the UK?s 70 million mobile subscribers into ? UK consumers are expected to spend over other segments, platforms and ?3GSM? markets. £200 million on mobile music in 2010. Video downloads are also expected to increase in Major success for 3G popularity, accounting for around 11% of mobile The Mobile Internet has been a major success content spend within the next four years. for mobile operators following widespread adoption of HSPA upgrades to 3G networks. New MTS services demanded The UK now has over 21% 3G penetration Location-based services and mobile banking are and mobile broadband is used as frequently now topping the list of services users would most as WiFi hotspots for internet access. like to see on their mobile phones. Mobile Internet takes off Leading companies in UK MTS include: Some 26% of UK 25-34 year olds, and 25% of Five major operators ? Vodafone, O2, Orange, 45-54 year olds were reported as using mobile T-Mobile and 3. broadband more than once per day in Q1 2008. Laptop and PC connections via 3G cards and Two leading Mobile Virtual Network Operators dongles increased by 500,000 in the fi ve months ? Virgin Mobile and Tesco Mobile. from February 2008; 133,000 in June alone. SMS sustaining popularity The 160-character SMS is the most widely used data application with 44% of adults using text on a daily basis. Escalating market for mobile content The UK mobile content market is worth around £1 billion pa with around half of this revenue coming from the 25-34 year old demographic. Ringtones, realtones and screensavers accounted for the majority of mobile content spend, with games revenues increasing in importance. UKT-100470 MTS Sector Sheet 2pp v3 AW.indd 1 22/1/10 16:38:53 ? As the world?s leading mobile telecoms operator, it is important that we have a strong presence in Europe. London is the best place for us to be as it is at the heart of technology convergence in Europe, and offers us access to the technical capability and expert talent we need in order to grow our business.? Henry Ge Chief Representative ? China Mobile UKT-100470 MTS Sector Sheet 2pp v3 AW.indd 2 22/1/10 16:38:53 Image: Macro shot of Fiber Optics
Posted: 25 August 2010