Tips for Planning International Trade Events

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Posted on: 31 Jul 2010

A quick overview of different international trade events and tips on how to best prepare for a successful outcome.

Hot Tips for Planning International Trade Events © Bronwen E. Madden Types of Events ? Webinar Tip: Skype is a cheap way to connect with ? Video conference five or less parties with video, instant ? International catalog show messenger, and ? Internationa phone. You can even l trade show get ?local? phone ? International buyer?s mission numbers that redirect to your cell number in ? International trade mission your home country. ? In-bound trade mission Before the Event ? Identify target markets (develop export plan) ? Choose the right events (industry specific) ? Review show history year est., volume, past participants ? Amount of presence booth, walk the show, be represented ? Use organizer?s resources Booth assistant, hotel discount, equipment rental ? Demonstrate product Sample, shell, DVD ? Location at show ? Seek clients for meetings Export Marketing Plan ? Select Target Markets Tip: Start with an export-marketing plan ? Market Research / Trade Stats and identify markets with high export ? Industry Analysis potential. Utilize ? SWOTT Export Marketing Plan Analysis Templates to help you ? Budget for Trade Promotion get started. Webinar ? Participate via your computer Tip: You do not have to pay for this type of ? Low cost and on occasion free service. Companies such as Dim Dim offer ? A live feed free webinar and ? Ab desktop sharing le to instant message services. questions ? Educational experience ? Little preparation required Video Conference ? Meet at local USEAC office ? Inexpensive ? See faces of marketing specialists abroad ? Gain market insights ? Access to industry specialists in foreign market International Catalog Show ? Targets multiple markets in a region ? Inexpensive ; No travel required ? Send product literature; Translate if necessary ( 15 catalogs per market to APO address three months in advance) ? Send sample / DVD / business cards ? Receive leads and market information ? Booth assistant; help with language & prevent theft ? Keep a ?master binder? with co. info and literature International Trade Show ? Marketing tool to introduce products into foreign markets ? Provides face to face time with potential buyers ? Booth: on your own or part of a pavilion? Ship in advance; easier to mail than carry; Use ATA Carnet if applicable or APO address ? Demo: products on hand ? Used for lead generation more than on-site sales ? Booth assistant; help with language & prevent theft Trade Shows Preparation ? Est. objectives / Entry strategy Tip: Combine a trade mission in conjunction ? Choose shows early in countries with a trade show to of save on travel costs. interest (target markets) Use the show to get ? Review show leads and have the history mission to firm ? Location at show Reserve private r e l a ti o n s h i ps. meeting space and Seek clients for meetings ? Train staff on trade show selling techniques Have two people to allow for breaks/visit other booths International Buyer?s Mission ? Domestic trade show Tip: This is an excellent way to meet ? Meet global buyers serious business partners who are ? Cheaper than international show qualified at a low cost. ? Private meeting space sometimes provided International Trade Mission ? International business trip tailored to companies objectives ? Travel alone (Gold Key) or with a delegation ? Pre-screened appointments with local companies ? Logistical assistance and in-country support ? Commercial briefings on the local market ? Political leaders raise visibility and influence policy ? Most conducive for results when meeting face-to- face Trade Mission Briefing Book ? Itinerary Tip: Schedules tend to change up to the ? Delegation list w/ contact info last minute; three-hole binders make it easier ? Company profiles to pull out and insert ? Biographies information. Speeches should be ? Trade data/ current events on one side only as some speakers like to ? Meeting briefs & speech copies rip out the pages upon completion. ? Protocol (culture) Phonetically spell unfamiliar ? Past history names/words. ? Be ready to work the media! Trade Mission Meeting Brief ? Date / time / location Tip: Purchase McCaffree?s book on ? Contact person (including cell #) Protocol or Holberg?s Forms of Address book ? Meeting participants & titles ? Objectives / goals ? Talking points ? Dress ? Seating chart ? Gift USDOC Events In-Bound Trade Mission ? Foreign companies visit the U.S. ? Companies prescreened ? Company profiles provided ? Travel alone or with a delegation ? Meet one-on-one with potential partners ? Political leaders raise visibility ? Inexpensive ? Conducive for results FCS Trade Show/Mission Benefits ? Follow-up with leads Tip: Gifts are considered customary in some cultures and should not be ? Lower costs seen as bribes. Be modest (or risk ? Extra support embarrassment by their need to reciprocate) but thoughtful. Gifts ? Translation that ?connect? your product or tell a memorable story which is personal ? Shipping materials to your company and/or history are best. Keep in mind cultural ? In-country support superstitions. Your firm may wish to have a display case for corporate ? Logistical assistance gifts received so individuals do not ? More visibility personally benefit. Reverse Profile Form Tip: Business cards can provide a sense of professionalism and make follow-up easy as you don?t have to decipher handwriting and scanners can instantly populate your database. Tip: Business card titles need to demonstrate business decision making authority; it is not uncommon to have a second set of cards with a manager title. Additionally, size, language and information (i.e., degrees, certification) change from market to market and should be sensitive to these variances. Event Organizers & Facilitators U.S. Government ? Dept. of Commerce & Foreign Ag. Service ? State and Municipal Trade Assistance Centers Foreign Governments ? Federal level: JETRO, U.K. Trade & Invest ? State / Provincial Level Private Entitles, Not-for-Profit, & NGOs ? Hannover Fairs, EJ Krause, Kallman Int., etc. ? World Trade Centers and Chambers of Commerce Where to Find Event Info ? ? ? ? ? ? Travel Price Estimates Recruitment ? Start with past event Tip: Ask for a show participants, directory from the they are most loyal previous year to see ? Contact current clients who might attend and create a ?target list? of ? Use business directories to find who you want to visit. exporting companies ? Contact USEAC office (& other Tip: Personal meetings multi better introduce/explain pliers) to market to clients the event and you get a better understanding for ? Meet on-site with serious their product and thus potential participants represent them better Register Event Participants Props ? Product literature (translate!) Tip: Use Velcro to secure product ? Industry plackets samples to the ? Electronic info like hockey-rink discs t a b le c l o t h o n your booth table to prevent (people ?dump? heavy paper) show participants from ? Maps and flags stealing. ? Supply box w/ tacks, tape, pens, staples? ? Fish bowl for business cards ? Promotional items (friendship pins) / giveaways ? Videos/DVDs (rent monitor at the show) ? Product demonstrations Travel Checklist ? Travel request submitted and approved ? Laptop ? After travel is approved, book plane ? Projector ticket and schedule lodging ? Adaptor kit ? Passport, applicable visas and travel ? CD ROM containing all company shots need to be administered information, marketing and contact ? Reserve transportation information (i.e. brochures) ? Itinerary (including hotel and plane ? Trade booth ticket info) submitted to manager and ? Company literature copy for support staff ? Product samples ? Notation on personal calendar along w ? Follow-up formith cell phone number ? O ? State map (display location)ut of office assistant turned on ? ? Flag placket w/US, State and local Telephone forwarded to support staff flag ? Government identification card ? Company promotional items ? State tax exempt form (if applicable) ? Friendship pins ? Pouch for travel receipts ? Gifts for foreign dignitaries / hosts ? Business cards ? Blackberry / cell phone ? Camera Trade Show Database After the Event ? Have a ?lessons-learned? meeting to review what worked and what didn?t to better future events ? Create contact database (MS Access) ? Promptly follow-up w/ leads Qualifying Leads ? Specific (focused) business Tip: Identify what your ideal partner would be interest; know what they want like and your goals for ? Business card the market which will influence your market ? Differentiate Speak English? Need strategy and the type of relationship you financing? Years in the industry? Re seek.presents complimentary products? Familiar with U.S. culture?
Posted: 31 July 2010

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