Horticulture and Support Services Industry in Sweden

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  • Sweden Food And Agricultural Import Regulations And Standard

    Sections updated: None. As a member of the European Union (EU), Sweden fully applies EU regulations on export certificates. In addition to certificates required by the EU, there are specific sanitary certificate requirements with regard to salmonella for imports of fresh meat, meat preparations and eggs into Sweden. An...

    Foreign Agricultural Service on 11 Mar 2010 related to Horticulture and Support Services in Sweden

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  • Agricultural Sectors in Sweden

    Due to the severe Nordic winters and relatively short growing season, Sweden relies heavily on imported food and agricultural products. In 2008, imports of agricultural, fish and forestry products totaled US$ 18,927 million, which accounted for 2 percent of the Swedish total import value.

    U.S. Commercial Service Poland on 30 Mar 2010 related to Horticulture and Support Services in Sweden

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