Energy Industry in Sweden

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  • Renewable Energy And Clean technology Sector

    In 2011 approximately 50% of Sweden’s electricity was generated from renewable energy sources such as hydropower, wind power and thermal power produced with biomass fuels.

    UK Trade & Investment on 28 Dec 2012 related to Energy in Sweden

  • EU Biofuels Annual 2012

    This report presents the situation and outlook for biofuels in the EU. EU Member States (MS) are mandated to reach a minimum of 10 percent for renewable energy consumed in transport in 2020.

    Foreign Agricultural Service on 29 Jul 2012 related to Energy in Sweden

  • Wind Power in Sweden

    The market in Sweden is expanding rapidly and there are significant opportunities for British companies to gain market shares in a number of areas.

    UK Trade & Investment on 22 Sep 2010 related to Energy in Sweden

  • Biofuels Annual in Sweden

    On June 16, 2009, the Swedish Parliament approved the Government’s new energy and climate strategy, described as Europe’s most ambitious strategy to improve energy efficiency and cut greenhouse gas emissions. The Swedish government aims by 2020 for renewable energy to comprise 50% of all energy produced,...

    Foreign Agricultural Service on 11 Mar 2010 related to Energy in Sweden

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  • Power Generation Systems in Sweden

    We believe there are excellent opportunities in all of these areas to partner with and sell to the Nordic markets. The Swedish government is determined to take the lead in developing these technologies and has made a commitment to become fossil fuel independent by 2020.

    U.S. Commercial Service Poland on 30 Mar 2010 related to Energy in Sweden

  • Wind Energy Industry in Sweden

    Sweden’s wind energy industry is growing rapidly. This growth is based both on the country’s ambitious renewable and sustainable goals and on the EU Renewables Directive that has set a target for Sweden to produce 49% of its electricity through renewable energy sources by 2020.

    U.S. Commercial Service Poland on 15 Mar 2010 related to Energy in Sweden

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