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Posted on: 24 May 2012

The electronic security sector of the market in Argentina grew by more than 15 percent in
2011, with a value of over approximately US$ 488 million, making it a relatively large,
expanding sector for U.S. firms. Argentina is a fast-growing market for electronic securityrelated
products, equipment, and services and is still heavily reliant on imported products.
Local trade vendors further estimate an annual growth rate of 20 to 30 percent in 2012. This
expansion has occurred in all sub-sectors of products and services of security, especially on
Monitoring Services, CCTV over IP, access control, and law enforcement equipment that
together totaled more than 70 percent of Argentine security imports.
There are currently 1,500 companies in the Argentine electronic security industry, including
importers, manufacturers, and software developers who combined employ over 14,000
people, 60 percent of whom are engineers and technical personnel.
U.S. manufacturers compete successfully in Argentina, holding an approximate 40 percent
share of the import market for security equipment. Nevertheless, Brazil, China, and other
Southeast Asian countries are entering the market aggressively, offering similar products at
lower prices.
70 percent of the current electronic security market is comprised of imports while 30 percent
is manufactured locally. Furthermore in 2011, Argentine companies exported US$ 75 million
in security equipment to regional markets that contained both imported and Argentine

Sub- Sector Best Prospects
Hi-tech imports play a significant role in the overall security market, as domestic
manufacturing consists primarily of basic security equipment and safety supplies. Therefore,
the hi-tech security equipment market presents more opportunities for U.S. companies with
major opportunities in niche areas such as CCTV, access control equipment on IP networks,
and safety and security design consulting services for large buildings and other real estate
developments. Best sales prospects for U.S. electronic security firms include:
• Access Control: biometrics on IP networks
• Intelligent Surveillance Systems; smart cameras and intelligent software for identification of pedestrians; CCTV on IP networks-industry specific security systems; equipment parts and software for automotive, banking, airports, ports, warehouses, mines, highways, utilities, hospitals, and construction sites
• High-tech security equipment for Police and other law enforcement agencies.
• Safety and security design consulting services.

Market growth in recent years reflects the rising crime rate in Argentina. Acts of violence,
including street crime, bank robberies, and private property theft have been on the rise.
While Argentina’s crime rate is lower than in the U.S., Brazil, Mexico, or Venezuela, crime is
an issue which has been emphasized in the press. The widespread perception of growing
insecurity, along with the increasing priority of improving workplace security, has contributed
to the growth of the electronic security sector in Argentina, which grew at least 15 percent in
In addition to these changes, there has also been a growing trend to import parts for fire and
safety equipment. Although there has been an increase of local assembly of alarms,
detectors, and electronic fire systems to offer significantly lower prices and to take
advantage of the “Buy Argentina” law and tax benefits, high-tech imports will continue to
play a significant role in the overall security market, since domestic manufacturers tend to
satisfy the demand for less sophisticated equipment.

Posted: 24 May 2012

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