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An Expert's View about Electro Medical Equipment in Argentina

Last updated: 25 Aug 2011

Argentina is a country of 41 million people and a GDP amounting to $306.7 billion (2009). Overall healthcare expenditures in Argentina has traditionally accounted for approximately 7-10 percent of GDP, one of the largest in the region. Imports in the overall medical product sector have been traditionally estimated to account for around 70-75 percent of the total market. The United States continues to lead the Argentine import market of medical products and equipment, and currently holds 28 percent market share, particularly in higher-end technology products. Imports from the U.S. have grown almost 14 percent in 2010 versus 2009 figures. The rising trend of imports from the United States that started with
peak growth in 2005 is expected to continue at a moderate rate during 2011 and beyond.

Market Demand
The market has been growing in the past five years, with a slight decrease in 2010. Imports dominate the high complexity technology market. Given their high unit cost, they have a more concentrated demand.  Measures such as import duty exemptions to alleviate cost burdens on importers and ultimately the endusers, are resulting in a continuous flow of critical imported products. While the healthcare market has not completely recovered from the economic crisis of 2001/2002, medical products that cannot be produced locally continue to be a best prospect sector for U.S. exporters.

Best Prospects
Medical products that cannot be produced locally continue to be a best prospect sector for U.S. exporters.  Niche opportunities for U.S. exports include middle and higher-end equipment such as imaging diagnostics echographs, CAT scans, NMR apparatus. . Components and electro medical equipment parts offer a strong sales-potential, in large part because the market conditions require the reconditioning of equipment already in use, particularly in the interior provinces of Argentina. In addition, while not reported here, molecular biology products and diagnostic reagents continue to be good prospects Simpler technology is more easily financed and thus considered mass-market goods. In this competitive market the demand for these products is for the most part met, although there is still room for new players to enter into niche markets. In any case, product potential should be determined on a case-by-case basis.

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Posted: 24 August 2011, last updated 25 August 2011

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