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An Expert's View about IT and Telecommunications in Austria

Posted on: 31 Jul 2012

The Austrian population is 8.4 million with 3.6 million households. In 2010 there were a total of 3.25 million TV households and 2 million DVD households registered. Total spending on consumer electronics amounted to approximately US$ 1.110 billion in 2011, which is US$ 67 million less than in 2010.

Subscription TV is very popular in Austria. A large number of German language channels from Germany are available on satellite TV, which is received by around 54 percent of TV households. The dominant domestic broadcaster is ORF (Austrian Broadcasting Corporation). There are a number of Austrian commercial TV broadcasters such as ATV and Puls 4 as well as a large number of German satellite channels, which are available to households with a satellite dish. In May 2012, the domestic broadcaster ORF had a market share of 34.8%, while the other Austrian commercial TV broadcasters ATV, Puls 4 and Servus TV had a market share of 3.4%, 3.1% and 1%, respectively. The German commercial TV broadcasters Sat.1, RTL, Pro Sieben, Vox and kabeleins had a combined market share of 24.1 %, while the German broadcasters ARD and ZDF had respective market shares of 2.9% and 4.8%. Another provider, Sky Austria, which is the local subsidiary of the Sky Deutschland AG, offers a high number of digital channels. It had around 240,000 subscribers at the end of 2011. The operator has key movie Pay TV rights and also offers 180 games of the Austrian Soccer League. The domestic broadcaster ORF offers live coverage of 36 games.

Current Market Trends
Cable was in 37 percent of Austrian households in 2012, 49% analog and 51% digital. However, even if the penetration remains low, all Austrian cable operators have upgraded networks and already offer triple-play services. For instance, UPC Telekabel is a leading provider of video, voice, and broadband Internet services. Based on the company’s operating statistics as of December 31, 2011, UPC Telekabel’s networks served up a total of 1,200,000 services to 700,000 Austrian customers. These include 511,000 television, 445,000 broadband Internet, and 350,000 telephony customers. UPC’s network in Austria is almost entirely upgraded to two-way capability, with approximately 99 percent of basic cable subscribers served by a network with a bandwidth of at least 860 MHz. The most important TV development in Austria is high-definition television (HDTV). Already 42% of satellite households have access to high-definition channels and the domestic broadcasters ORF and Servus TV, as well, as Sky Austria offer their programs in high definition.

Main Competitors:
UPC offers multiple tiers of high-speed Internet access service with download speeds ranging from 35,840 kbps to 102,400 kbps. High-speed Internet access is available in all of the cities in which they operate.
Network Operators
Leading telecom companies are Telekom Austria, T-Mobile Austria, Hutchison 3G Austria and Orange Austria. Pay-Per-View services are provided by UPC Telekabel and Sky Austria.
75.4% of all Austrian households have access to the Internet. With 72 % of all households, broadband technology is predominant. Connections are made mostly through DSL, cable, fiberglass, satellite, WiFi and wireless local area networks. UPC is a market leader, along with Aon, which is a subsidiary of Telekom Austria and UTA.
The major dealers for AV equipment B2C are Media Markt, Saturn and Conrad. Multinational companies like Sony, Philips and Panasonic have offices in Austria. Main competitors are AV and electronics suppliers from Japan, Korea, Taiwan, the United States and European countries.

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Posted: 31 July 2012

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