Brazil's motorcycling women

A Hot Tip about Non-Automobile Transport Equipment in Brazil

Posted on: 31 Oct 2011

In Brazil, one in four motorcycles is bought by a woman, leading the motorcycle and associated industries to adapt their products and equipment to the tastes of female riders.

Women prefer models that are lighter and easier to ride, so scooters and cub motorcycles are more likely to be the types of models a woman is looking to buy. In fact, these types of bike represent nearly 20% of Brazil's motorcycle market.

With the rise of the number of working women, these easy-to-ride and inexpensive bikes come into their own.

According to Moacyr Alberto Paes, Executive Director of Abraciclo, the Brazilian Trade Association of Motorcycle Manufacturers, women actually prefer to use this type of transport because traffic jams in the larger cities are that much better to beat.

Research by Abraciclo shows 25% of motorcyclists are women and 45% of those are aged 21 to 30.

It is little wonder that motorcycle manufacturers and distributors are re-thinking the product with women in mind.

Some examples include: motorcycles with more neutral colour tones; compartments for purses and bags; motorcycle riding positions making it possible to ride with both legs in front, for the benefit of women wearing skirts and dresses.

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Posted: 31 October 2011

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