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An Expert's View about Water Treatment in Canada

Posted on: 27 Apr 2012

Nunavut: the province of Nunavut in Northern Canada represents significant opportunity for US
water companies as they currently do not meet numerous water systems regulations
provisioned by new federally regulated water laws. New water and wastewater systems, and
upgrades to existing systems are required in almost every existing water system.

First Nations Prospects: There are also sales opportunities in the maintenance, repairs, and
management of: new water and wastewater systems, upgrades to existing system, system
repairs, feasibility studies, and related activities. First Nations are responsible for the daily
operation and management of their systems, which includes the design, construction, operation,
maintenance, and monitoring of their water systems providing U.S firms opportunities in these

Municipalities: Export opportunities exist within municipalities and counties in the province of
Alberta in central Canada for U.S producers of potable water treatment products and

• Water and wastewater treatment facilities in the North West Territories and Nunavut
• First Nations reservation’s water systems and waste water treatment systems across Canada. Increased funding from the Canadian Federal Government will allow reservations to update and build new facilities to bring their water quality standards in accordance with new regulations
• Potable water treatment products in the province of Alberta

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Posted: 27 April 2012

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