Breweries Focusing On Female Drinkers

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Posted on: 30 Nov 2011

Breweries in Canada are starting to focus more attention on female beer drinkers. They're launching new flavours and branding campaigns to target women, aware that this drinking segment accounts for 40% of beer sales.
The Canadian and US based firm, Molson Coors, has produced a new brand, Animée, initially to be launched in the UK. This beverage contains 3% alcohol by volume and comes in three different flavours, namely clear-filtered, crisp rose and zest lemon.
Molson Coors has spent nearly two years developing Animée and received input from over 30,000 women.
Brewers signal that they will continue to target more women with low calorie beers and new, exotic flavours.
Carlsberg of Denmark launched its brand Eve in the UK in 2006 with flavours such as lychee, grapefruit and peach fruit flavours.
In 1990s, Coors attempted to introduce a clear sparkling beverage called Zima intended on targeting men, but ended up appealing mainly to women.
As a result, major Canadian brewers like Molson are careful not to overlook the female market and target both the male and female demographics in their television ads.
The updated approach could well have implications on dining and bar products such as mugs and cups for the new beer-based drinks, along with the bottles and cans in which they are packaged.

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Posted: 30 November 2011

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