Electric vehicle specialist Shenzhen Marshell sharpens R&D

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Posted on: 20 Dec 2011

The maker will zero in on expanding the line and 'green' energy development.

One of the top electric vehicle makers in China, Shenzhen Marshell Green Power Co. Ltd is further intensifying R&D capability by investing 4 percent of annual sales in product development. The company launched six new models in 2011.

In an interview with Global Sources, general manager Yu Hong discusses the company’s manufacturing advantages and R&D targets. Below are excerpts of the interview.

What products has your company released this year?

We paid more attention to low-speed vehicles and electric mini buses. We released six models this year.

In the years ahead, we will still focus on “green” energy development, expand our product line, and improve our market share and industrial advantages.

What sets Shenzhen Marshell apart from other manufacturers and exporters in China?

Generally speaking, our success comes from the strict self-control in production processes.

As a leader in the industry, we insist on remaining self-sufficient in terms of sourcing key components and parts such as batteries, chargers, motors, controllers and metal frames.

We are also capable of molding and plastic injection, which affords greater flexibility in meeting customer requirements.

Besides this, our company is able to guarantee product quality, costs and delivery time.

Are there specific production techniques that differ from others?

Yes. We are one of the first companies to adopt exciter motor drive and computer intelligent digital control technology in the production process.

This innovation guarantees the optimum performance of motors and batteries in electric vehicles. Further, this propels our company to the top in terms of technological advancements in the global arena.

What measures are being taken in terms of QC?

To guarantee top quality, each vehicle is inspected. IQC, PQC and QA procedures are adopted to test materials, check products in the assembly lines and evaluate goods before shipment.

Meanwhile, we introduced the microcomputer inspection system, finishing in-house inspections for straightness, rain test, and performance and function tests in the brake system, counterbalance and efficiency, speed tests and axle balance among others.

Our company complies with ISO 9001:2000 and 9001:2008 standards. Our line of electric vehicles carries CE certifications.

What about your R&D capability?

Supported by cooperation with several universities in mainland China, we employ more than 100 R&D engineers in electric vehicle development and 150 battery engineers.

Our company will invest 4 percent of annual sales in the two R&D departments.

Through this, we can release at least two new electric vehicles under our in-house brand and two to three new units for ODM projects.

Tell us something about your operations in Shanghai and Guangdong province.

As a world-class electric vehicle manufacturer, our two production bases have a combined total area of 160,000sqm. We have over 100 experienced engineers and 2,000 skilled workers.

Our factory in Shanghai has four assembly lines, with daily rated capacity of about 80 electric resort carts and utility vehicles, and 100 golf carts.

In Zhaoqing, our daily rated capacity is at 780 units. These include 250 electric children’s mini bikes, 50 electric mobility scooters, 200 electric scooters, 30 electric resort cars and utility vehicles, 200 electric golf trolleys, and 50 electric golf carts.

Through these efforts, we are able to ship 10 standard containers daily. Our annual export value has surpassed our competitors.

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Posted: 20 December 2011

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