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Posted on: 6 Apr 2010

Strong exports owed to products with the best price-to-performance ratio will continue to fuel China’s alarms and detectors industry.


Suppliers are optimistic the competitive quotes they offer will sustain the country’s lead in the entry level and midrange markets.


Makers, however, are faced with the challenges of a young industry with a yet undeveloped supply chain.


To gain a foothold in the global intruder alarm market, which has been growing at a CAGR of 5.8 percent since 2005, China companies have started establishing their brands and expanding their export reach.


Many of them are tapping into new markets in Europe, North America and the Middle East. To further boost overseas shipments, makers are minimizing price increases and broadening their product range. The majority expects that their efforts will result in a 10 percent increase in exports this year.


Wireless intruder alarms have displaced wired models, becoming the line’s mainstream products. The adoption of intrusion detection systemsin the DIY and home segments is one of the main factors that hastened the market penetration of non-wired intruder alarms. Although still produced in great numbers, wired units and systems have been relegated to the low-end.


Makers are emphasizing intelligent functions and networking capability in new releases. A low false-alarm rate and enhanced product reliability are also underscored.


The following are some of the key trends we see in China’s alarms and intrusion detection products industry:

• Competition continues to compel companies to reduce quotes or keep prices stable in coming months. About 53 percent of suppliers surveyed in this report will keep quotes at current levels while 27 percent will cut prices by up to 10 percent or less.

• The rising cost of production, yuan revaluation and stricter overseas product standards, however, are forcing a few manufacturers to make slight price adjustments to stay afloat. Increases will be limited to less than 5 percent.

• Since most suppliers serve the OEM and ODM segments, complying with international standards is a requisite. Companies have secured UL listing and CE, FCC and RoHS approval for many of their products.

• The EU will continue to be the main export market for China’s alarms and intrusion detection products.

• Product development initiatives will focus on integrating intelligent functions such as direction-analysis PIR and video motion detection. Many companies will likewise focus on external design engineering, and incorporating wireless connectivity capability into their products. A handful is looking to enhance network capability.



The above is extracted from the Executive Summary of China Sourcing Report: Alarms & Intrusion Detection Products


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Posted: 06 April 2010

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