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Posted on: 6 Apr 2010

China’s mobile phone accessories manufacturing sector remains robust, with the handset industry driving its growth. A varied selection at all price points was key to the line’s survival during the global economic slowdown, and a factor in its continuous expansion. China currently offers mobile phone power supplies, headsets, handsfree kits, cases and novelties.


Green technology permeates most makers’ R&D agenda in the electronic accessories segment, especially in power supplies where efficiency is the current top priority. At present, several companies are investing in solar devices.


The premiums and promotional products sector, meanwhile, boosts sales in the non electronic line. Makers offer a growing range of cases, screen protectors, straps, charms and novelty items.


The following are key trends in China’s mobile phone accessories industry:

• Concerns over energy conservation and renewable resources are influencing production. Batteries are leaning toward the Li-polymer technology, which yields lighter and slimmer models. Suppliers are exploring other battery types such as fuel cells and solar-powered chemistries that can provide longer operating times. Charger manufacturers are likewise preparing for the adoption of the Micro-USB as the universal charging solution in coming years. The unifying move targets to eliminate tons of waste.

• Companies are introducing alternative materials for environment friendly manufacture and cost efficiency. Several makers have started to use TPU in mobile phone cases, in place of leather, silica gel and other more expensive inputs. Some already offer cases, and wrist and neck straps made of biodegradable TPU. Rosin, a solid form of resin extracted from plants, is preferred for gem-type charms or pendants.

• Makers are stepping up quality of devices and components to improve performance and widen applications. They are rolling out specialized power banks, including models for popular electronics such as the iPhone and the iPod, and PSP and Nintendo DS game consoles. Enhanced ICs, ASICs and micro processors are also adopted.

• Wired handsfree kits dominate the supply but their wireless versions have shown more progress in recent years. While Bluetooth is popular inportable sets, RF still takes up a small percentage of in-car models.

• Accessories designed for Apple’s iPhone are on an upswing, practically creating a sub industry altogether. Current R&D activities in the iPhone accessories line is focused on the 3G Shandset.



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Posted: 06 April 2010

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