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Last updated: 28 Feb 2011

Definition for Camera in China
According to Industrial Classification For National Economic Activities (GB/T 4754-2002), the manufacture of camera and related apparatuses contains the manufactures of the cameras with various types or functions, which cover cameras used for making printing plates and taking photos in the water or in the air, and the manufactures of camera optical device, photographic dark-room equipment and components.

Market Size for Camera in China
By virtue of China market size formula by Zeefer, it was estimated that the China market size of camera in 2009 was more than RMB 35 billion, an increase of 31.69% over the previous year.

National distribution for Camera Industry in China
Guangdong is the major production base for camera in China in the year 2009, concluded from the analysis on the geographic distribution of camera manufacturers in China.

Industrial Profitability for Camera in China
Total profit of enterprises above designated size in camera industry reach to RMB 1.92 billion, rate of return on sales was 3.47%, based on Zeefer’s latest research.

Foreign Trade
Based on the computation by Zeefer, Shanghai, Guangdong, Beijing, Tianjin, Jiangsu, Hubei, Fujian, Liaoning, Zhejiang and Chongqing ranked top 10 as the destinations for the imported camera across China in 2009. The value of imported camera products in the areas affiliated to the top 10 destinations totaled over USD 3.3 billion; major destinations to which Chinese camera products exported include: Hong Kong, USA, Japan, Germany, Netherlands, United Kingdom, Australia, Russia, South Korea and France. Exports of camera products across China to these countries or regions added up to USD 7.2 billion.

Market Structure
According to the index of concentration, CR4 achieved a market share of 59.04%. As per the Bain's classification of market structure, camera equipment mfg. is a kind of upper medium concentrated oligopoly market.


The information above is excerpted from the market report: China Camera Market Profile
To learn more about this report, please visit: Introduction for China Camera Market Profile

Posted: 28 February 2011, last updated 28 February 2011

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