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An Expert's View about Wireless Telecommunications in China

Posted on: 6 Apr 2010

Growing 3G adoption worldwide has become the single most important driver of China’s wireless communication equipment industry for the past 12 months. Because of the steady rise in 3G deployments, most manufacturers survived the economic slowdown and even achieved revenue increases in 2009.


With licenses from the government, mobile network operators within the country are rapidly building their 3G networks.The expansion of mobile communication, particularly in India, Vietnam, Indonesia, Africa and other developing countries, is also driving growth in certain product segments such as wireless repeaters.


Aside from 3G, other relatively new and established wireless technologies, including Wi-Fi and WiMAX, are fueling continuous product development in China.


The following are some of the key trends observed in China’s wireless communication equipment industry:

• Digital technology in wireless repeaters has enabled the integration of digital network services, the adoption of large-scale ICs, and the realization of encryption and computer management on communication networks. For commercial applications, production is focused on analog-based models. In-vehicle and portable types are popular. Solar-powered units and those used for wireless digital broadcasting are also offered.

• For base station and WLAN antennas, the main R&D trend is enhancing ease of installation, resulting in customized designs. Suppliers are moving toward miniaturization, which addresses many installation problems. Makers are also starting to integrate amplifiers.

• GSM models dominate supply in China’s wireless terminals industry because of the popularity of GSM networks in many countries. These account for about 75 percent of the line’s total production. Major players are offering mobile and cordless phones, and data cards as part of the FWT package.

• Among fixed and mobile WiMAX products, the latter is poised to take up most of the output of companies. Major players in China are taking the lead in the WiMAX R&D front, closely following international developments. Support for the technology is rising among state-owned telecom operators and smaller equipment manufacturers. Some companies expect that adoption of WiMAX among equipment providers in China will be faster than the uptake of TD-SCDMA.

• Makers are further emphasizing functionality, product quality and reliability in upgrading their devices and developing new ones.



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Posted: 06 April 2010

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