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An Expert's View about Non-Automobile Transport Equipment in the Czech Republic

Last updated: 30 Jun 2011


In 2010, there were 924,291 motorcycles registered in the Czech Republic; of which new registrations of 18,451 accounted for imported new motorbikes and 11,635 for imported used motorbikes. A vast majority of registered motorbikes are in categories up to 50 cubic centimeters and scooters.

An average age of motorbikes reached almost 30 years. The reason is that there are still a lot of old JAWA’s motorbikes in use. JAWA was a dominant Central European motorbike manufacturer, who produced over 3 million motorbikes in period 1929-1987. JAWA is still a Czech synonym for a reliable motorbike; however, it lost its position due to ineffective communistic governance.

Though a production of personal cars in the Czech Republic was the sixth largest in Europe, the twelfth largest worldwide and the second largest per-capita worldwide in 2010, a local motorbike production was quite negligible. Only 782 pieces of motorbikes were manufactured locally. There are still some skilled small-size motorbike manufacturers in the country but they focus more on low-end products for the domestic market or on top custom bikes primarily for exports. For example, the world most powerful motorcycle MIDALU has been recently revealed by Moto FGR as a result of six year development and a significant support of the Czech government

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Posted: 30 June 2011, last updated 30 June 2011

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