Medical Equipment & Supplies in Egypt

An Expert's View about Electro Medical Equipment in Egypt

Last updated: 23 Feb 2011


The medical equipment and supplies market in Egypt is estimated at roughly $330 million, with an expected annual growth rate of 10% for the next five years. With little local production, the market relies heavily on imports and is steadily receptive to American products. Despite the solid reputation, U.S. market share is estimated at only 13%. Import duty is 5% plus a sales tax of 10%. The ongoing healthcare reform project and the increasing population of 80 million are generating major demand for high-tech medical and healthcare items. With the government health reforms’ target of achieving universal access to healthcare by 2010, the public sector is expected to account for the majority of expenditure growth in the next few years. The Ministry of Health is currently undertaking an ambitious plan of building new hospitals and investing in renovating and refurbishing existing medical facilities with new technologies and up-to-date equipment, especially in the rural, under-served areas. The private sector's demand for sophisticated medical equipment continues to grow.


Best Prospects/Services

• Oncology and radiological equipment

• Laboratory and testing equipment

• Surgical and medical devices and supplies

• Software for hospital management/network

• Intensive care equipment



Opportunities for U.S. exports to Egypt’s medical equipment and services market are substantial and cut across the entire spectrum of medical-related activities and needs. In line with the country’s reform efforts to upgrade and overall healthcare system, there are several opportunities for U.S. firms with business plans that can offer the following services:

• Construction, management, and rehabilitation of hospitals and rural healthcare facilities

• Emergency care (ambulatory) services

• Training programs for nurses and physicians

• Establishing quality control biological and laboratory centers

• Providing plans for regulator and accreditation body of quality standards for hospitals, laboratories, and healthcare institutions

• Providing training courses in FDA-drug classification for MOH officials



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Posted: 08 June 2010, last updated 23 February 2011