Oil & Gas Field Machinery and Services in Egypt

An Expert's View about Extraction of Natural Gas in Egypt

Last updated: 23 Feb 2011


The oil and gas sector is believed to be the largest foreign currency generator in Egypt. The sector has created a sizable market for oil and gas field machinery and services, estimated at over $1.5 billion. The Egyptian authorities have actively sought international joint ventures with oil and gas exploration and production companies. During the last five years, Egypt identified more than 150 oil and gas discoveries, both on and off shore, and attracted major international oil and gas companies to the local market. With steadily rising domestic consumption, numerous opportunities exist in the local market for exploration, production, and services.


Best Prospects/Services

• Compressed Natural Gas (CNG) Technology and Peripherals

• Drilling Rigs and Related Equipment and Accessories

• Hi-tech Test and Measuring Equipment

• Liquefied National Gas (LNG) Related Technology

• Natural Gas Vehicles (NGV) Technology and Peripherals

• Tubes and Tubing Accessories



• Delayed Cocker projects

• Gas to Liquid (GTL) projects

• Liquefying and Exportation of Natural Gas (LNG) projects

• Natural Gas Liquefied (NGL) projects



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Posted: 08 June 2010, last updated 23 February 2011