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Last updated: 30 Jun 2011

The Finnish safety and security sector has developed into a fairly successful industry. The industry has shown constant and steady growth over the past 10 years and is characterized by a few large players and a growing number of small and medium size companies. Rapid market growth is expected to continue also in the future offering market potential for U.S. safety and security companies.

Market Demand
The safety and security market is estimated to be over $2.1 billion in 2010. The market has grown quite continuously for the last ten years and it is expected to continue its steady growth rate of seven to eight percent over the next few years. General interest in private security products and services, public funding cutbacks in law enforcement resources, and outsourcing of safety and security related services by private and public entities have increased the market demand. Innovative safety and security product and service solutions are welcome in the market.

The safety and security sector is very scattered with over 400 companies in the market, mostly ranging from small to middle-size companies. Characteristic for the market is that the largest security companies which are a minority compared to the number of total companies in the market, employ close to 80 percent of the industry's personnel, and generate most of the security and safety sector’s turnover. The security and safety sector employed close to 15,000 employees in 2010.

Market Data
Guard services, structural security products, and information security products and services are the largest subsectors. The largest industries contracting security services are the manufacturing industry, real estate and construction, and trade in general. In addition, the public sector, especially on municipal level, along with private residences are becoming more and more interested in safety and security solutions available in the market.

Best Prospects
Best prospects for U.S. safety and security companies are found in the following product groups:

• Structural security products
• Electronic security systems
• Home security and personal safety accessories such as burglar alarm systems
• Fire detection and safety equipment
• Data security

In addition to new product solutions, innovative services, combining a product solution with a service are likely to have market potential. 

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Posted: 30 June 2011, last updated 30 June 2011