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Posted on: 13 Jan 2010



This market brief reports on the French plastics manufacturing and equipment industry for 2007. Europe is the top producer of plastic machinery and equipment, garnering 57 percent of worlds total production, while Asia and North America control 35 and 20 percent, respectively.


After the United States, Germany, and Japan, the French plastics industry ranks fourth in the world. In terms of equipment and machinery production in Europe, France is ranked number three after Germany and Italy, respectively. There are 3,800 plastics manufacturing and processing companies and 4,100 plastic processing plants in France. In 2006, the French plastic machinery and equipment industry employed over 2,000 workers. Total production of plastics machinery was 2.531 million dollars (1.607 million euros) in 2006, while 2007 figures rose 8 percent to 2.732 million dollars (1.735 million euros).


The French plastic machinery and equipment industry generated a turnover of 1.955 million dollars (1,242 million euros) in 2007; a 9 percent increase from 2006. This turnover is due to international demands, as only 118 million dollars (75 million euros) of the 2007 total machinery and equipment turnover was sold within France.


French manufacturers of plastics machinery and equipment increased foreign exports 16.2 percent, which alleviated a reduction in domestic demand. In 2007, 1/3 of French machinery and equipment export sales, 1.985 million dollars (1.261 million euros), were made in the European Union. Exports to China and Brazil increased in 2007 to reach 8.5 percent and 10 percent of total export sales, respectively.


Imports of plastic machinery and equipment originate from Germany, Italy and Switzerland with a total figure of 1.208 million dollars (768 million euros). Most of the plastic machinery and equipment competition is based in Europe for financial reasons, as well as an increased ability to control foreign investment and transportation cost factors.




France is one of the top three plastics machinery and equipment producing countries in Europe after Germany and Italy, which hold 48.5 percent and 27.9 percent (respectively) of the European production market. Austria, Switzerland, U.K., Spain and Turkey are also top European producer nations.


The French plastics machinery and equipment industry is broken down into 4 categories:

1) Plastics Machinery *

2) Molds & Dies

3) Auxiliary & Peripheral

4) Flexographic Machinery





The future of the French plastics machinery and equipment market is in extrusion machinery, mainly due to increases in economical construction worldwide. The Building and Construction industry requires extruded products such as pipes, siding and other thermoforming types of plastic processing machinery which will increase sales due to the development of new technologies.


Although extrusion machinery will see an increase in 2008, injection-molding machinery will continue to be highly used throughout the plastics machinery and equipment industry for years to come. The technological advancements in the future will make these plastic machinery and equipment products more efficient leading to an increase in production.




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Posted: 13 January 2010

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