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Last updated: 14 Mar 2011


Germany ranks third as a destination for U.S. farm equipment exports after Canada and Australia and before Mexico, the U.K., and Russia. The industry grew by 29% in the first half of 2008 and by 17% in the second half, in comparison to the previous year. The tractor segment increased by 10%, and for other machinery the demand was likewise consistently higher than in previous years. The 2007/2008 harvesting machinery season ended with growth rates of 22% (to 2,365 units) for combine harvesters, 33% for round balers (2,057 units) and 8% for forage harvesters (540 units) in Germany. Even at the end of 2008, unlike other industries, the agricultural machinery industry is not facing an abrupt decline in orders. While business is expected to become more difficult in the large Eastern European markets over course of the year, a better economic environment can still be found in Western Europe.


Best Products/Services

Tractors (average performance of 103 kW), ploughs, fertilizer spreaders, combine harvesters, round balers, forage harvesters


German Engineering Association (VDMA)

DLG German Agricultural Society



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Posted: 26 October 2010, last updated 14 March 2011

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