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Last updated: 10 Feb 2011


With 25 million Germans participating in sports activities, Germany is the second largest sporting goods market within the EU and accounted for 19% of the total EU market in 2007 (2003: 21%). The market is anticipated to grow annually by at least 0.5% over the next two years. Germany is the 3rd largest importer within the EU with total imports amounting to USD 2.5 billion, thus accounting for 13% of all EU imports by value. In 2007, the United States was Germany’s 10th largest import partner, achieving a 3.2% import market share. With an actual import gain of about USD 186 million between 2001 and 2007, there are excellent opportunities for U.S. sports products manufacturers. The major competitors on the German market include China (53% import market share), Italy (8.9%), Poland (7.8%), the Netherlands (4.3%), France (4.1%), and the Czech Republic (3.2%).


Team sports accounted for 27% (USD 1.1 billion) of the total sport market in Germany, with soccer (USD 113 million) being the most popular, followed by handball and volleyball. The market for outdoor activities ranks 2nd with 22% (USD 943 million), with camping goods accounting for 42% (USD 396 million) followed by equestrian sports with 30% (USD 283 million). Individual sports activities (e.g., track and field, swimming, combative sports, gymnastics, ice-skating, etc.) rank 3rd with USD 870 million sales, followed by fitness equipment (USD 580 million), winter sports (USD 539 million), and water sports (USD 181 million). While the demand for fitness, outdoor sports, and water sports is expected to increase, sales related to winter sports activities are expected to decline.


Best Products/Services

Fitness equipment for physical exercise, gymnastics, or track and field; Footwear (all sports); golf equipment; inflatable balls for soccer, basketball, field hockey, handball; in-line skates; outdoor goods for hiking, climbing, trekking, and Nordic walking activities; roller blades; snow boards.


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Posted: 05 January 2010, last updated 10 February 2011

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