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Last updated: 13 Mar 2011

Computer Software

The German market for software ranks second in Europe, after the United Kingdom. Despite the fact that the software sector was hit badly by the overall economic crisis and decreased in 2009, the market is anticipated to grow again in the near future. While some IT users postponed or canceled some of the originally planned IT projects, industry insiders expect IT investments to pick up again, since companies still need to focus on cost reduction, efficiency increase and compliance.


Even though German software companies are very competitive, analysts estimate that approximately 80% of software products sold in Germany are supplied by U.S. companies (the majority of large U.S. software developers have subsidiaries in Germany). In 2008, the largest software companies in Germany accounted for more than EUR 7.8 billion in sales. This represents 53% of the German market. Despite this fact, Germany is still open for imports.


Industry-specific and niche products will continue to find good sales opportunities in Germany. U.S. software products are well accepted and the United States is still widely acknowledged as a supplier of innovative and quality software products. There are no trade barriers obstructing sales of U.S. software. However, as the European Union continues to expand as a single market, competition from other European software vendors is expected to increase.


Best Products/Services

Business intelligence software, storage management software, customer relationship management software, IT security software, middleware, databank software, control tools, software as a service (Saas).



The German public sector, along with the banking, insurance, medical and utilities sectors, offers the best opportunities. Despite the fact that the banking sector was badly affected by the financial crisis, financial institutes need to complete or initiate IT projects, due to the strategic role that IT plays in most banking operations.


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Posted: 05 January 2010, last updated 13 March 2011

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