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An Expert's View about Hunting and Support Services in Greece

Posted on: 14 Mar 2012

Industry Market Brief
Industry sources indicate that about 50 Greek importers of hunting products attend IWA & Outdoor Classics every year to meet with suppliers. This year, because of the crisis, attendance from Greece may be effected.
There are 250,000 holders of valid hunting licenses in Greece, comprising of a pyramid of 250 hunting clubs that are allowed to grant licenses. A hunting confederation made up of seven federations (Crete, Archipelagos, Peloponnese, Sterea Hellas, Epirus, Macedonia & Thrace, Thessalia) oversees all hunting licensees. An unidentified number of persons however possess hunting and other guns without licenses. Some of these guns tend to remain in the family, passed down from one generation to the next, in a way of tradition.
Greek law regulates the sale and importation of hunting goods and does not distinguish between importers, dealers or retailers. At first glance, the number of businesses licensed to sell firearms in Greece, 1,200 strong, creates an impression that the sector in Greece is quite large. In reality, most stores handling hunting and fishing goods are small businesses, sometimes with fewer than five rifles in stock at a time. Thus, the market is actually quite small and also business levels vary greatly with the seasons. The fact that some retailers of military and camping goods also carry hunting and fishing goods as well, should not be ignored. Thus, there are retailers who are not uniquely specialized in hunting goods, but provide them as well. Also, there is an emerging market for online retailers and importers of hunting and fishing goods, who haven’t been accounted for.
It is important to mention that during the hunting season, numerous hunting excursions to neighboring countries are organized through Greek clubs/organizations that relate to hunting activities. Some of these organizations can be viewed via the Hellenic Confederations’ website in order to access them:
Finally, it is important to know that hunting enthusiasts in Greece face ongoing criticism by naturalist groups and the media. The catastrophic wildfires of recent years have helped anti-hunting groups to gain support.

Barriers / Firearms Law
Greece is an EU member and EU law regarding firearms importation prevails. The Ministry of Citizen Protection issues hunting licenses via hunting clubs. Information can be obtained from the Hellenic Hunters Confederation: Here is report from an English language electronic publication which describes licensing procedures in Greece for hunting and

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Posted: 14 March 2012