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Posted on: 16 Feb 2010


The Indonesian notebook computer market is growing significantly compared to that of its neighboring countries. The demand for notebooks has risen because professionals and businesspeople have an increasing need for operational mobility, and the concept of an “office” is changing. With many jobs requiring high levels of mobility, executives are often not physically present in their office. The trend toward mobile computing and internet also contributes to the growth of notebook sales in Indonesia.


The price of a notebook is no longer prohibitive for most Indonesians, as in the past three years prices have come down. The decrease in price has enabled notebooks to expand their market share. Notebooks are now sold not only in major Indonesian cities but also in smaller towns across the country. Focused promotional campaigns by notebook manufactures have also increased notebook sales. The long-term growth for notebooks in Indonesia remains buoyant.


Market Demand

Indonesia is a potential market for notebooks as this market segment continues to grow faster than desktop computers. Notebook product advertisements can be seen in many major local newspapers advertised by various vendors. There are many reasons why notebooks are becoming increasingly popular and are often required by the purchaser’s profession. According to the Indonesian Association of Computers Business (Apkomindo) the total PC sales in 2009 are forecasted to reach 2.2 million units of which 1.2 million would be desktops and 1 million notebooks.


The sales forecast for notebooks represents 11 percent growth from the previous year’s sales of 900,000 units. On the other hand, the forecast for sales of desktops reflects a 20 percent decrease from 1.5 million units sold in 2008. However, the drop of desktops sales in 2009 is only a temporary due to the unfavorable global economic situation, but the long-term outlook for the industry remains positive.


With notebooks becoming more popular and affordable, leading brands are now competing to produce small and lightweight notebooks. In term of price, notebooks selling for $500 to $800 are highly popular. Buyers of this price range of notebooks range from students to mid level employees. In addition, many manufacturers or vendors provide financing options that offer installment plans with no interest.


By Kalung Riang

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Posted: 16 February 2010