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Last updated: 24 Feb 2011


Intelligent Transport Systems (ITS) is a broad-based term that describes a wide range of communication and computing technologies used to improve various transportation systems. Innovation in ITS is moving Israel towards an all-encompassing computer coordinated transportation system that will improve every source of transportation, from trains to roads, buses and even bike paths. Not only do these improvements make transportation more convenient and efficient, but also allow increased safety. Improvements in traffic management, driver assistance technologies, navigation aides, freight management dispatch systems, information for multi-modal transport users, rescue systems and environmental management provide users with significant reductions in total costs and travel time and increased safety.


Total planned transportation infrastructure spending in Israel is planned to reach $10 billion in the medium term (2006-2010). Highway spending alone could reach approximately $6.4 billion over the next five years. The two key products that Israel is expected to import as part of this spending spree includes traffic safety devices and intelligent transportation systems. ITS spending by the Israel National Roads Company (INRC) may reach as high as $46.5 million.


Best Prospects/Services

Roughly 40% of the ITS budget is allocated to procuring hardware components such as cameras, electronic signage and detectors. This group of products alone is expected to reach $18.6 million in the next five years.



U.S. manufacturers of ITS products and services are encouraged to take advantage of the opportunities in the Israeli market. Specific opportunities include, but are not limited to, operating tools for mass transit operators, technologies for improved mass transit service, passenger information systems, electronic ticketing, traffic monitoring and control systems for incident detection, traveler information services.



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Posted: 18 August 2010, last updated 24 February 2011

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