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A Hot Tip about Renewable Energy in Italy

Last updated: 13 Mar 2011


Italy is the world's second largest market for photovoltaic installations and one of the most important global solar energy markets. Both international and domestic companies are taking advantage of the opportunities offered by Italy’s feed-In tariff (Conto Energia) incentive plan which offers one of the most generous tariff rates in the world. The Italian market continued to experience exponential growth in 2010 and it is estimated that newly installed capacity may have exceeded 1.9 GW, thus bringing the country’s total installed capacity to 3 GW. The Concentrated Solar Power (CSP) segment is also expected to gain momentum in the next five years. U.S. technology and standards are highly regarded and the best opportunities for American companies are for those offering innovative and sophisticated products and solutions and partnering with experienced local companies.

Market Demand & Data

The promotion of alternative sources of energy is a necessity in Italy, as the country still depends on foreign suppliers for over 80% of its needs.

In the past three years, Italy has experienced exponential growth in solar energy investments and the country is now considered one of the world’s most attractive markets in both the photovoltaic segment and in the concentrated solar power segment. The country's solar boom is driven by Italy's sunny climate, sky-high energy rates, generous government-backed incentives for the use of solar and renewable sources to comply with Europe's mandatory renewable energy targets, and recent Italian legislation that sets energy efficiency requirements in building construction. Since 2007, when the incentive program was launched, investors - ranging from major banks, foreign investment funds and utilities to Italian families - have piled on to take advantage of the opportunities offered by the lucrative Italian market.



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Posted: 31 January 2011, last updated 13 March 2011

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