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An Expert's View about Building Products and Construction in Kazakhstan

Last updated: 25 Sep 2011


• Kazakhstan’s construction sector is expected to recover in 2012-2013 with further residential, office, commercial and mix-use projects development in the major cities of Astana, Almaty and Atyrau, and large infrastructure and industrial projects to be implemented in Western Kazakhstan.

• Construction materials used in Kazakshtan are predominantly imported. There is a lot of locally produced non-traditional materials as concrete and foam blocks.

• Primary end-users include construction companies and contractors in both the residential and commercial areas.

• Today, the majority of construction works in Kazakhstan is completed with government subsidiaries.

Kazakhstan Economy and Construction Industry Overview
Since its independence in 1991, Kazakhstan has become a dominant player in the Central Asian region. Abundant supply of accessible mineral and fossil fuel resources which accounts for 70% of country’s industrial output drives the economic growth.

Increasing GDP allowed Kazakhstan to start building its infrastructure. Since 2000 Kazakhstan’s expenditure on construction steadily increased until 2007 when it reached 9.8% of the GDP. Although the construction industry in Kazakhstan suffered because of the global economic crisis, it is assumed that Kazakhstan’s construction market will recover in 2012-2013.

Kazakhstan’s economy flattened out in comparison with the pre-recession years. The economy grew, on average, at 9-10% annually from 2000 through 2006. But during the worldwide recession, Kazakhstan’s construction sector suffered quite significantly. 

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Posted: 25 September 2011, last updated 25 September 2011