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Posted on: 30 Sep 2012

The Government of Kenya (GoK), led by the Ministry of Information and Communication (MoIC),
is developing a new technology city called “The Konza Technology City” or Konza for short.
The new technology city is a Vision 2030* flagship project. It will be a smart city and technology
park, benchmarked against both developed market parks (e.g. RTP-North Carolina, Shannon
Free Zone-Ireland) and emerging market parks (e.g. Singapore Science park, Dubai Internet
City). The park is expected to start operations in 2014 with ambitious targets for job creation
and GDP impact. The focus on the city will be across industries, with the aim to boost ICT
usage and develop knowledge industry in Kenya. Primary industries include:
Telecommunications/ IT, Financial Services, Manufacturing, Transport & Storage, Health,
Agriculture, Education and Public Administration.

The GoK has acquired the 5000 acres of land, 60 kilometers south-east of the City of Nairobi,
and will provide world-class infrastructure for development of road, rails, power, water and
communications. Please see www.information.go.ke for presentations related to the Konza City
Investment Conference held on August 5-7, 2012. In addition to infrastructure support, the GoK
will provide financial incentives and favorable regulations to spur investment into the new city.
Please see www.konzacity.co.ke for more information, including proposed financial incentives.

Request to Target American Anchor Tenants
American companies looking to set up new operations or expand existing African operations
into Kenya should consider exploring opportunities in the Konza Technology City. Key features
will include: low cost of operations; access to educated, young talent; access to sub-Saharan
African market and financial, as well as regulatory incentives.

Read the full market research report

Posted: 30 September 2012

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