Switching From Chemical To Organic Fertilizers: Crops Die?

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Posted on: 25 Jun 2010

Plenty of users of fertilizer, including the household consumers and farmers, asked this question on what if changing from traditional chemical to bio-organic fertilizer, will the change spoil or affect the growth of the plants ?


Organic fertilizer is typically gradual release whereas the chemical fertilizers are strong and instant. Actually from some research, the organic fertilizer is very much better off and safer for the crops than the chemical fertilizer.


Will the so-called strong and with immediate effect features of chemical fertilizer good for the human being or plants ? If the crops are not consumable by human or livestock, such as flowers and non-fruiting trees, the chemical fertilizer utilization on plants should be fine. However, what if the plants are servable, whatever chemical elements that absorbed by the plants, will inevitably pass into the body of people. Do you prefer to serve chemical fertilizer indirectly daily ?


Note that, the chemical fertilizer does not have much effects on crops because the crops themselves do not have brain to choose, that is, whatever we supply to the plants, they will absorb it blindly. However the chemical fertilizer will have significant effects on the soil and environment in long term. Please view below to enlighten further.


Both  chemical and bio-organic fertilizers will not kill crops unless the farmers or users overdose the fertilizers on crops. The plants are like our human bodies, if we overdose ourselves with too much vitamins and supplements, which beyond our body needs, will definitely cause us falling illnesses or with severe diseases.


If we rephrase the question : Switching From Bio-Organic To Chemical Fertilizers : Will Kill Crops ? The answer is no, but the crops will get faded or contract in size after a long term continuation of chemical fertilizers utilization. Why? The application of chemical fertilizer will gradually destroy the good elements of soil.


What are the consequences of deterioration of soil quality ? After a period of time of chemical application, the soil particles will become compact and not be able to hold nutrients and moisture (basically the water retention). Sooner and later, the soil will become harder and harder and the absorption of water by the root of crops will be very restricted.


Water is the main substance of any plant. Therefore, with limited intake of water by the root radicle of crops will inevitably fade or limit the growth of the plants.


However for the bio-organic fertilizers, not all the organic fertilizers have good effects on crops and soil. I observe a lot of users and farmers ever experienced some non-effective bio organic fertilizer and this inevitably resulted them an impression that the bio organic fertilizer has no difference with the chemical fertilizer. This is wrong ! I can only justify that the selection of a suitable bio-organic fertilizer by the users is extremely critical.


A great organic fertilizer should improve the soil quality and will never cause hardness of the soil. This eventually will help the absorption of water by the roots of plants. A great bio organic fertilizer supposedly should be a contribution to enhancement of crop nutrition, enhancement of soil fertility resulting in greater harvest levels, and stronger resistance to attacks. Additionally, a wonderful organic fertilizer should effectively improve the profits of farm producers whilst the production and soil maintenance cost should corresponding decrease.


As a conclusion, rich nutrients in bio organic fertilizers should nutritious the soil, solve soil erosion and compaction, and enable uninterrupted and healthy crops growths.


Remark : after treatment with such correct organic fertilizers, the soil with lots of organic matter (OM) will remain loose, enable root radicles to penetrate the soil easily to absorb nutrients and supply a steady stream of nutrition to the stems and leaves.


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The author, Chin MW is the business owner of YC Global Enterprise, established in Malaysia. He recommends a wonderful product, YC Organic Liquid Bio-Fertilizer for all the consumers and agriculture producers. The product write-ups and his contacts can be reached at www.YCglobalENT.com. Thank you.

Posted: 25 June 2010

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