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Posted on: 19 Aug 2010

In 2009, more than 40 billion dollars will be invested in infrastructure. Investment promoted by the government will exceed 5 percent of GDP in the same year.


Mexico is well connected. The country has 59 international airports and 26 domestic airports, as well as a fleet of 7,810 airplanes: 1,723 commercial, 5,735 for private use and 352 for official use. In 2007, Mexico’s airports received 53.3 million passengers.


Mexico has 360,075 kilometers of roads, highways and toll highways that interconnect different cities and ports of entry at national level. Mexico’s highways are safe and go through both the cities with the greatest economic activity and some of the country’s smallest settlements. The highway network connects the North with the South and joins the different Pacific Ocean ports with those of the Gulf of Mexico.

In 2009, the Government will invest around 50 billion pesos in expanding said network alone. It should be emphasized that Mexico has spent four years operating new schemes for investment in highways. This involves associations with public-private participation that operate in different types of infrastructure.


Mexico has 16 maritime ports open to foreign trade.To increase the existing infrastructure, reduce logistical costs and foster competition in the national port system, the Government has invested almost 16 billion pesos in the country’s ports during the first two years of its administration, representing slightly more than 51 percent of the budget allocated to the port sector between 2001 and 2002.


Mexico has more than 26,000 km of railroads. In recent years, the freight volume moved by railway has doubled to reach almost 100 million tons in 2008.

Industrial parks

In Mexico there are 541 industrial parks offering suitable conditions for industry to operate efficiently (quality, infrastructure, urbanization and services).



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Posted: 19 August 2010

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