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Last updated: 13 Mar 2011


The construction sector continues to experience growth with the government move to implement promises of providing good access roads, residential estates, dredging and repair dilapidating infrastructure. There are also plans on ground to construct or reconstruct existing expressways as well as over 40 separate dredging and related projects scattered in the Niger-Delta region. State governments have also awarded major contracts to provide infrastructures, such as railroad, and housing estates in major cities as well as new settlements in urban areas. It is also expected that the Federal Government of Nigeria will upgrade the major seaports in Nigeria as well as set up Free Trade Zones where importation of equipment and heavy machinery would be easily undertaken. In addition, the Federal Housing Authority and the Federal and State Ministries of Housing have plans to built at least 800,000 low – medium cost housing projects in many cities in Nigeria. The Federal Government of Nigeria recently initiated existing plans to dredge the Niger River and awarded contracts to three dredging firms who will need heavy equipment to execute these projects. All these would lead to importation of construction equipment.


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Importation of construction equipment, and heavy construction machinery (dredges, graders, dump trucks) used and new, continues fueled by the desire of contractors to own and operate their own equipment rather than lease from other contractors. Nigeria’s delta region continues to attract much attention in the areas of dredging, access roads and home construction. U.S. manufacturers of heavy construction equipment such as dredges, cranes, excavators, and swamp buggies will find the Nigerian construction equipment market (especially for used ones) very lucrative and attractive.




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Posted: 10 May 2010, last updated 13 March 2011

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